Huge mammoth: how to draw and to teach this kid

<span> <span>Kids love to show their creativity. Therefore, it is often the picture becomes a great opportunity for kids to show their skills and talents. Kids like to portray on a sheet of paper animals. Often to choose to be ancient or fantastic fauna, such as dragons, dinosaurs or mammoths. How to draw a giant primitive elephant, you can understand, acting in stages. The result of their labors, the baby will surely be satisfied.</span></span>


Mammoth: how to draw, to everyone's surprise

<span> If the child expressed a desire to draw such a beast, you can offer him a few options (ideas) for artwork. </span>
  • <span> the Man and the mammoth. How to draw this pattern, the child will tell the parents.</span>
  • <span> the Mammoth and primitive house near it. Often people in ancient times built their huts, houses and shelters it from the bones of this huge animal. Therefore, drawing a huge mammoth close to such a structure, it is possible to create a masterpiece of historical art. </span>
  • <span> Offer the kid on the sheet to portray mom, dad and child. Next to them, let it be mammoth. How to draw baby you can tell or show. Most importantly, to help your toddler understand how to portray the figure of a mammoth.</span>

what should be the emphasis in the picture


<span>What to consider when the image on the sheet of paper of such an animal, like a mammoth? How to draw? Almost like an elephant, only it is necessary to trace:</span>
  • <span>tusks;</span>
  • <span>hair;</span>
  • <span>long legs;</span>
  • <span>brown.</span>
<span> Even if the pattern is far from professional, these elements will help you understand who is depicted on a sheet of paper. The smallest you can help that drawing was really cute.</span>


<span> of Course, first you need to prepare working place and to check that at hand were the following accessories:</span>
  • <span>pencil;</span>
  • <span>eraser;</span>
  • <span>paint, markers or crayons;</span>
  • <span>brush if chosen paint to make the pattern of color shades;</span>
  • <span>album, or individual sheets of paper;</span>
  • <span>you can also take a picture or journal, which shows the mammoth.</span>
<span> How to draw</span>
  • <span>you first need to do of the blank (outline) on the sheet, namely, to show where is the body, where the head is where his feet. It may be noted schematically in the right part of the leaf circles will continue to be the head and torso of the animal, and ovals that will turn into legs, trunk, tusks and ears.</span>
  • <span>the Next step is drawing the parts of the body of a mammoth.</span>
  • <span>Then you need to draw the details (trunk, tusks, fur).</span>
  • <span>the Next step is to image the eyes and mouth.</span>
  • <span>After all the above steps are done, you can begin painting a masterpiece.</span>
<span> Draw together with their children. This type of creativity helps to develop fine motor skills, imagination and perseverance crumbs.</span>