How to draw rain with a pencil and colors?

All perceive the rain in different ways. Someone it makes you sad, the other's having fun, jumping in puddles, and the third even begins to write poetry, inspired by the cloudy atmosphere. Have you ever wanted to portray this phenomenon of nature on paper? Consider how to draw rain with a simple pencil and watercolor paints.


First, lay before him on the table, which can be useful in the drawing process. The working place should be well publicized and be free from unnecessary things.

so, what tools you will need:
  • Sheets.
  • pencils.
  • Eraser.
  • crayons, pencils, markers or watercolors.
  • Brushes.
  • a Glass of water.
  • Palette (a small plate for mixing paints).
  • a Picture of rain (if needed).

Study looks like rain

Before you draw the rain, need to know more about it. This will help to make the picture more realistic. Find different pictures of the rain, drizzling rain, and consider them carefully. If possible, catch a drop of rain with your hand or clothing. A good look at the trail from the falling water. See how looks a drop. Big or small, round or elongated, transparent or coloured? Especially beautiful is the rain in Sunny weather, when it overflows all the colors of rainbow.
When you draw rain or drizzle, remember, which drops you saw. It will be easier to concentrate and implement the landscape.

That is typical for rain

be Sure to consider all the details that you need to draw. It is raining in cloudy or Sunny weather, in a wooded area or a city, strong or not. All of this will affect the picture. If you certainly want to make it realistic.

so, what features are important to consider when the image of rain:
  • with slightly overcast and the predominance of gray color.
Usually, when it rains, the sky is overcast with clouds so that the sun is not visible. In this case, the painting should be executed in a discreet coloring with a predominance of gray color. Darker paint should be applied on all painted surface, thereby mimicking the moisture.
  • Contrast.
Near objects should clearly reflect in the picture. And background objects will be hidden by the rain, but because they are almost not visible.
  • How to draw rain depending on location.
On the pavement or concrete surface puddles accumulate faster. The earth absorbs moisture. But this does not mean that the woods and fields do not need to draw puddles.
  • Reflection.
In the puddles, even the smallest ones, will always be visible nearby objects. How to portray it on paper? Simply duplicate the mirrored objects elongated vertical spots.
  • Additional attributes.
the Rain may be accompanied by lightning, the appearance of circles on the water and people running under umbrellas.

How to draw rain with a pencil in 10 steps

  • Step one. First, consider what you want to draw. For example, running in the rain.
  • Step two. Mark with a pencil the line of the horizon.
  • Step three. Schematically depict the silhouette of a man or woman. The head may not be visible, because the guy is hiding behind a newspaper or an umbrella.
  • fourth Step. Make a sketch of the umbrella or newspaper.
  • Step five. Mark the background objects (road, houses, clouds, trees, lights, and so on).

  • Step six. Now draw details of a man with an umbrella (or newspaper).
  • the seventh Step. Eraser to erase unwanted lines.
  • Step eight. Draw background objects.
  • Step nine. Add shading and shadow.
  • Step ten. Draw the rain. It is possible to represent frequent hatching, long lines, lines with curved ends or drops the usual. All the pictures in the article the rain is drawn differently, pay attention to it.
drawing in pencil ready. If you wish, you can give it a color. By painting only individual objects, you will give the picture a special atmosphere.

How to draw rain gradually watercolors

figure will immediately begin to carry out the paints. Don't be afraid to work without a pencil! So, let's start.
  • Step one. Paint a grey color, draw a cloud. It will clear where it will rain.
  • Step two. The blue paint spread a little water on the palette. Should get a liquid consistency, a little fluid.
  • Step three. The resulting paint dip the brush and draw the outlines of small droplets. Draw rows in a vertical manner, move better from top to bottom.
  • the fourth Step. Draw drops of medium size.

  • Step five. And then the biggest.
  • Step six. Now fill the drops of blue paint, slightly diluted with water. This will give the effect of transparency.
  • the seventh Step. Let the figure dry.
  • Step eight. Large and medium-drops easy motion make white highlights. The rain turned out like this.
How to draw a cloudburst? Determine the slope drops. Draw them thin vertical lines on one oblique.
As you can see, rainy landscapes are not as complicated as it seems.