How to draw a scarlet flower: gradual drawing lesson

Since childhood, all brought up on stories and tales because from them you can learn such qualities as kindness, love, respect, compassion, and much more. It is these character traits are collected in the tale by Sergey Aksakov "Scarlet".
Everyone in childhood was experienced for the kind and honest youngest daughter and condemned the selfish, greedy older daughters. Read your child this story and try to illustrate. A guide on how to draw a scarlet flower, will help to do that without any problems.

First step

Starting work on a drawing, you need to find a song, i.e. you should decide the size of the Bud and identify the location of future image on a sheet of paper. Before you apply the image, light, almost invisible lines mark the position of the stem and Bud. The petals should be positioned proportionally. The image is placed in the center, so it is not “sticks” one of the edges.

Second step

Thinking about how to draw scarlet flower gradually, in the first place is to determine the characteristics of future design. In the second stage, the basic principle is the image of the object from General to specific. First you need to draw the large shapes and then the details. Performing work in the attention to keep the whole flower and not just a separate part on which work is proceeding.

Third step

At the final stage the focus is on a detailed drawing of all parts. It is important to determine the ratio of tones between the lit and dark areas. First you need to apply shadow light touches, and then impose a halftone, based on saturation of colors.
to pass all the tones correctly, you need to escape from the individual parts and look at the picture in General. This technique is called solid vision. In this way you will notice what parts of the flower are lit more brightly. The part of the flower that are in shadow must be such a contrast, since the details will look a little blurry.

How to draw a scarlet flower. Shutdown

Before you paint a scarlet flower fairy tale completely, you need to pay attention to light, shadow and penumbra were placed on the shape of the pattern. They should emphasize the volume of the structure, it can be identified using the direction and intensity of the strokes. Even in the beginning it is necessary to consider the ratio of all shades. The shadows should lay the strokes in full power of the pencil.
All these points are important, if you really think about how to draw a scarlet flower correctly. On the spot glare leave untouched white paper, the penumbra are located on the border between highlight and shadow. To make the picture more expressive by using a properly sized background. It will help to create a special color pattern.
During operation, do not have to sketch the entire background of strokes. The image can be submitted without the surrounding objects or any situation. In this case, you just need to paint a picture that will surround a white paper.
Well, when the child goes to the art club. There he can teach you how to draw a scarlet flower, animal, fruit and other items. But if the child does not attend such lessons, then adults should think about how to help your child. His gaze is drawn to the phased lessons drawing, thanks to them you can draw anything, the main thing-to follow step by step. Such classes help the kid to learn drawing lessons to create future masterpieces.