Cool colors. How to identify dark and bright, cold colors? How to choose your cool tone?

the concept of "warm" and "cold colors" are widely used in various spheres of life, especially in art. Almost all the books related to painting, fashion or interior design, mentioned colour shades. But the authors mainly dwell on the fact that ascertain the fact of performance of works of art in a particular way. Since the concept of warm and cool colors are widely distributed, they require more detailed and careful consideration.

the Theory of Arnheim

There is one theory, which was created by R. Arnheim explaining warm and cool tones as a phenomenon. According to this theory, any color can be both warm and cold. If a color deviates towards the other, then it can become a thermal load other than the beginning. For example, yellow or red mixed with blue will look cold and yellow and blue with a hint of red – warm. Hence we can conclude: initially, warm color mixed with cool shade also will become cold. But this theory is not undisputed. After all, you need to take into account the whole system, where there is a specific color. Each color shade can be warm or cold, depending on the kind of impurity added to it. In painting, hue is considered more important than the color itself. After all, the original pure color always looks strictly and impartially.

Saturation, and severity

Color temperature also depends on saturation. If the color saturation is optimal, it will always look cooler than a less saturated tone. The beauty in which all complied with the severity, characterized as cold. Architecture, with pronounced geometric proportionality and clarity, the strict symmetry of form, is always cold. Conversely, if in any work of art visible error, irregularity, deviation from rigor, then it is more warm, soulful, close to all the earth.

Purity of color

Considering the warm and cool tones, it is necessary to take into account the notion of color purity. color spectrum there are some colors that are traditionally considered to be mixed, for example yellow or orange. Therefore, you must learn to identify the main pure colors, which can produce other shades by mixing. The predominance of red or blue is an indication of the temperature of the mixed shade. If the color is approaching to red, it is warm, but if the blue – the cold. With confidence we can say that in painting the concept of warmth and coolness of color carries no significance. Important is the separation of shades on “colder” or “warmer”.

Lightness and its effect on color temperature

first you need to determine what colors are black and white. It is believed that white represents all colors at the same time, that is encompasses all of the existing shades. Balance and temperature neutrality – the basic qualities of white. Interestingly, the white color in its properties closest to the green. The absence of color means black. He doesn't have my color wave, where the marked shades from light to dark.

Dark cold

a Dark cold colors always remind the person about the winter cold. These include green, blue, purple, lilac. These colors and their shades look cool, if they are not too rich. Also they have a slightly ashy shade. The main thing in a cool color – it's the lack of red hue, which is traditionally considered to be warm.

cold Light

Bright, cold colors embody pink, light blue, light green. They are not rich and not too bright. When you look at such a tone, feeling cold, and breath of winter. If the color is more yellow, he will be in the warm range of colors, but if blue – in the cold.

How to determine what tone will suit a man?

to find out what color and tone will be person to person, the main thing-to determine the shade of his skin. Someone will go cold and the contrast of winter colors, the other – the bright colors of spring, the glowing warmth of summer. When the skin is yellowish with a Golden hue is better to choose warm colors. The combination of cold colors can be unsuccessful, as the skin will become sallow. If the complexion has a slight grayish undertone and a few casts of the blue, people will always look to win, choosing cool colors. Against the warm hues of the skin will look dull and might even lose its healthy appearance. Determining the appropriate tone, one must take into consideration and contrast. Some people don't go rich and vivid colors, as compared to them, the person can simply be lost. In that case you have to stay calm and gentle colour schemes. They will help to emphasize the type of face and skin, make a person more noticeable and brighter.

to Look dignified and confident-easy

Cool colors color is a great choice for people who belong to the winter type. That is, for those who have fair skin, strong eyes and pale hair. For example, people with darker shade of hair would suit cold shades of blue red and green. They emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages. People will look memorable and can stand out from the crowd.
Owners of light hair it is necessary to focus on such cold colors like purple, blue, light red. They will be extremely helpful if the person wants to look confident and beautiful. These colors set off the blonde hair and allow a person to be bright and outstanding. People will pay their attention not on the clothes, and on his face, which is very important, for example, when applying for a job. To determine your tone, which will help to emphasize the dignity, is extremely important. Look great and always be on top everyone wants. Main – to learn the correct use of colors and shades.