Phased drawing Gorodets painting: description and recommendations

Gorodets painting is a great drawing technique that was created in Russia. Often even in kindergartens are the lessons in art to depict objects and animals in unique bright colors with elements of a fairy tale.

History Gorodets painting

Usually Gorodets painted decorated wood products. As originally this was a folk craft of drawing on wood of the Nizhny Novgorod region.
His development he received in the second half of the 19th century, near the village of Gorodets, hence the name. Forests in the area, there were a lot, so the stuff went cheap. And it, in turn, produced children's toys, furniture, home and more. For the decoration of wooden objects. used the painting, which was not without bright garlands of flowers.
So Gorodets painting has gradually transferred nearly all the household items people. And images variety of fabulous scenes and bright colors gave the paintings a special and memorable plot.

Now this technique is still popular. You can easily find pieces of furniture, especially children's, decorated with lush flowers. And since the elements are sufficiently large, the kindergarten teachers began to use during the creative lessons phased drawing Gorodets painting.

Elements and the technique of their execution in Gorodets painting

a True master of Gorodets painting in the first place, pay attention to hand placement during operation. Brush to keep only required vertically to it without obstacles could be rotated between the fingers (thumb, index and middle). With proper arrangement of all the elements of the painting are given without much effort.

you are working on a mural in two stages:
  • underpainting;
  • oivki.
For underpainting using large brush, fill the entire figure. For example, all horses are covered entirely in black paint, except for the harness. The implementation of such a method is available even for five children. The main thing is to smear paint smooth and thin layer, leaving no gaps.
Osivka - reception with which the outline drawing turns into a painting. In this case use a thin brush (artistic). Work only with black and white paint, in contrast to the underpainting, where any color is acceptable. Dip only the tip, and all the details are executed carefully.
Ogivly applied to different points and curls that help to enliven a picture. But they have strict rules of performance. For example, apply only arcs, dots, lines and drops. Important to touch only the ends of the brush work to the brush strokes turned out smooth and beautiful.
all the elements which are applied Gorodets painting without a preliminary sketch in pencil. That is why each work is an individual.

How to draw flowers in Gorodets painting

So the picture turned out particularly well, consider a phased painting Gorodets painting on the example of colors. They are considered a symbol of health.

To be good enough to master the technique of Gorodets painting, it is enough to learn how to draw four flower. The work is performed in three stages, in contrast to other elements:
  • underpainting;
  • guidance of the petals;
  • oivki.
While you learn, and if the work is done by the kids, you can use the pencil drawing technique "Gorodetskaya Rospis". Gradual drawing for children, and adults, will look as follows:
  • Apply onto a sheet of paper with a pencil the four circles (three identical and one smaller)
  • Take a fine brush and put a cherry paint round spots (the first two on the side and in remaining - in the middle)
  • Using the same paint on the first circle draw an arc with the edge. To put it correctly, hold the brush perpendicular to the sheet of paper. Barely touching, start to draw, then make a push and finish again with a thin line.
  • On the second lap to draw the same curve, but not along the edge and inside. And from the edge position the petals. Make them the same as the previous element, only a smaller size.
  • In the third circle of petals spread on the circle.
  • fourth dorisovyvaet droplet method promatyvaya. It is necessary to position them radially around the Central spot.
When did you learn to draw the elements separately, move on to making a flower:
  • First draw podmalevka - large ink spots in the form of a circle. Take any color, usually pink or blue.
  • these circles apply one of the selected patterns that were learning to draw is a step of restoring petals.
  • Now finish oukami. They are on the flowers with white paint. Make a neat drawing or set of dots to animate the pattern.
Image color is the basis of the style of "Gorodets painting". The gradual drawing in kindergarten, these patterns will bring much joy to the children and teach them care, since it all must be done without sketch, and arcs and oivki to do with extreme precision.

How to draw a horse in children

As we have said, Gorodets painting is perfect for children. Consider how to conduct a phased painting of Gorodets painting in the senior group of a kindergarten.

For a start tell the children what Gorodetskaya painting and show illustrations. To make it easier for them to do the work, do it together, drawing on the sheet attached to the Board. Getting started:
  • Draw the body like two droplets that look in different directions and connected by a rod.
  • Next, draw the head. To complicate it don't, take oval, pririsovyvat ears and an elongated muzzle.
  • legs Now. Small triangles in the right places, they are sticks and at the end of the same triangles (feet).
  • Depicted the mane and tail with yellow paint, using half circles to work with.
  • Draw the saddle (color children choose themselves).
  • Draw eyes, bridle and saddle and decorate.
It was a gradual drawing of a horse. Gorodetskaya painting will help the children become more careful and develop their creative abilities. And you will be able to acquaint young artists with geometric shapes.

Paint the Board Gorodetskaya painting with children

Particularly interesting for kids in kindergarten will be phased drawing Gorodets painting on a wooden Board as a gift for parents. You can ask pupils to bring from home billets to work with. And the lesson to build the following:
  • Tell a little of the history of Gorodets painting.
  • Determine the center of each boards, put there point with a pencil.
  • Draw a circle with the selected color.
  • When it dries, apply the top petals (choose one flower for all).
  • after a short while, take a thin brush and put streaks of white.
  • Remaining space allowed to Supplement curls.
  • Circuit boards progressivem solid stripe of the same color as the flower.

This activity will bring children a lot of impressions, but the memory will last a lifetime. Recommend to cover the Board with lacquer at home with their parents that the paint rubs off over time.

Tips for working with children in performing Gorodets painting

If you plan to conduct a phased painting Gorodets painting with your students, don't forget:
  • First do all the elements.
  • Choose the same pattern for all.
  • If you see that someone does not work, help.
  • don't forget to praise children in the process.
  • Remember that the basis of the Gorodets patterns underpainting, which is done with one color, and there should be no gaps, and oivki run a thin brush.
Gorodets painting - it is a drawing of elements of a fairy tale, so children this work will certainly have to taste.