How to draw a mug. The lessons build, and draw light and shade

Paint the mug is not as easy as it seems. Her own form, send you want to be able. It will require basic skills of drawing, knowledge of perspective. Imagine that the circle – is the cylinder. Try to see it through. You will see ovals that are on the bottom and the top. Also on the cylinder are light and shadow, which is on the border of the darkest. And have the reflexes formed at the junction of the subject with the paper.
Learn how to draw a mug with a pencil in stages, using simple skills in drawing. Sharpen the pencil a bit sharper, we start!

Drawing details

first mark the main proportion. Draw a line that passes through the center of the cylinder groups (that is, not counting the handles).
Draw two ovals denoting the edge of the mug and saucer. Note that the oval in the lower part wider than the top. This arises because of the peculiarities of prospects. That is, the ovals are not symmetrical.

Inside the top of the oval, draw another, smaller in size 3-5 mm. that is the neck of the Cup. Smooth lines show its shape. But what if you get crooked, and you can't understand, why and how?
Paint the mug with a pencil exactly easy. To make the lines as evenly as possible, it is better to draw from top to down-so convenient. Firmly lead pencil. Be sure to sharpen the pencil.

  • Draw the bottom of the Cup to show its size.
  • then, in the process, this oval is not necessarily washable.
  • Draw a guideline for the pen, Express oval, to which it is attached.
  • Draw a small oval inside the other, which is for a saucer (this is important even in how to draw a mug). Thus, you show its thickness. It will be seen that the circle is not on the napkin, and has some kind of surround plate.

Draw the shape of the handle. Mark the curved line at the bottom, which will mean that there will be an attached handle. A Cup attached to the bottom of the stand. Show it with the help of an oval.

Finish the handle and show inside the Cup is another oval, which will determine the level to which it will be filled with drink.

Add details to your discretion, compare the proportions. Erase the guiding lines.


Drawing light and shadow – the main work. This is pay special attention if you want to draw the mug in stages. Her sketch should not take more than 15 minutes. And to stroke correctly, beginners require one half hour. Apply strokes horizontally in a semicircle, then you can easily transfer a cylindrical shape and the volume of the mug.

Light and shadow

You can't make the picture realistic? How to draw a mug like that, you need some knowledge in drawing light and shadow. The latter may take half or a smaller part of the image. Also the shadow can cover the entire object. Its location depends on the lighting.
At high light, the shadow on the subject will be inclined. The cast shadow will lie on the surface close to horizontal and to vertical, but still with an inclination in a certain direction.
If the light is from the side, the shadow will be vertical on the cylinder and take a certain part. And its size will depend on the perspective from which you draw. The cast shadow will lie horizontally.
If the light is behind the subject, the shadow will completely cover. Appear the contrasting contours. But the gradient and drop shadow will remain. In this case, to draw more complicated – you should try not to do too dark cylinder, especially if it is from plaster. Otherwise the texture will appear to be metal. And instead of white color will be visible a different, darker. Now imagine how difficult it is to put on paper some bust, while paint mug simple.


the Studio lighting gradation from light to dark more gradually, from high light and gradually increase the tone, which increases the power of the shadow of the object, and is gradually becoming a shadow. In this case, the shade becomes darker from bottom to top. At the junction with the surface it is most bright.

drawing imperfectly represents gradation, which has no abrupt changes from one element to the next. In the basic light usually appear the shadows where they come into contrast with the bright part. Also in any light there are gradations. At the junction with the light shade for the darkest tone. After this junction the shadow softer and again darkens to the edge of the cylinder, but not getting the hardest to tone. This knowledge helps even how to draw a mug, because she too has a cylindrical shape.

Drop shadow

the Shadow is not quite horizontal. It comes with a tilt up. But it may be different, depending on the lighting. The shade that is closest to the cylinder-the dark. And it is also present a gradient – from the object to the intersection with the wall. Shadows soften as the retreat from the object. The shadow also has contour. When will you get it to show, try to do just the outline, not the outline. The shadow that falls on the even darker wall of the cylinder.