Graphics gel pen: tips for beginners

Ordinary gel pen used every day by office workers, students of schools and universities, is also an excellent tool for drawing. Graphics gel pen has a big advantage: the image is clear and rich. Although, on the other hand, erase with the eraser tool incorrectly drawn strokes will not work. As the prices on the handles are low, paint them a pretty profitable and economical. Decorative graphics performance gel pens can be a unique and interesting addition to your home interior.

where to begin?

Inexperienced artists who are just looking for themselves in the field of drawing, perfect black gel pens. They will help to make a drawing refined and sophisticated. Graphics gel pen for beginners will not be difficult to execute, it is only necessary to consider some features.


There are different ways push handles on a sheet of paper. To obtain a continuous thin line, it is necessary to use direct push. The handle is placed perpendicular to the paper and is held in a straight line. This method is perfect for drawing contours. You can run the pattern by clicking on the tool at an angle. The result is soft strokes. If such a way to draw lines in one direction, it is possible to create transitions of tones. Crossed lines will help to deepen and strengthen the shadow areas.

Paper and its structure

Using this method of drawing, as drawing gel pen, it is necessary to take into account the structure of the paper. When you select a smooth paper, the lines are clear and smooth. If we draw on rough surfaces, the lines will be short and intermittent.

the Circuit

not to make irreparable mistakes in the work, you need to start to draw the outline with a regular pencil. Then small mistakes can be removed with an eraser. To make this procedure necessary after outlining all the details with a pen. It is necessary to wait until the image dries completely. Line, applied with gel pen, basically the same thickness. It depends on the diameter of the rod. In order to draw lines of different thickness, you should choose the handle with different diameters of the ball. While painting it is better to use a few gel pens, because different dyes have different density. In the end you can get a line diverse richness that will create a unique effect.


anything you can draw with the help of such technology as graphics gel pen. Patterns, for example, is huge. When drawing patterns, you can afford to put on paper almost any fantasy. Below the drawing was original and unusual, you need to use one gel pen. If you want, you can add a pattern of colors and use different colored gel pens. If the imagination allows the artist to push the paper and draw an exclusive pattern, then network open spaces will offer a huge selection of various drawings and ornaments. Such images can be viewed, combined, and ultimately to draw something of my own, just relying on the selected drawings. Or just stay on one pattern and copy only it. In any case, the picture will turn out beautiful and interesting.

Some details

Rods of gel pens usually thick, which allows the artist to draw outstanding point method, which is called dotwork. Because color instruments always draw is not too good, the graphics with a black gel pen will be much richer and better. It is important to remember that gel paste tends to dry quickly, so the rod needs to be used within a few weeks, otherwise he will cease to draw. Graphics printed with a black gel pen, will lose a little brilliance and hue after 2-3 days from the date of the picture. No more drawing on paper must be done very carefully, because to run away would be impossible. It is also important not to forget that touch to the finished figure is impossible, because the gel can be smeared on the surface of the paper.

What's more, it is important to remember?

Graphics gel pen must be applied in accordance with the position of the fibers of the sheet, that is, from top to bottom. Shaded part can not be touched by your finger, otherwise you can change the saturation of the lines. It is best to figure to select paper with high density, and to work with light pressure, because the gel paste has the ability to “pull” sheet. If you encounter serious errors when drawing that you just need to remove, use white or other covering materials. We must remember that the graphics gel pen needs a precision and accuracy of the artist. Of course, the first time can turn out not too a high-quality image. But everything comes with experience. Over time the drawings will become clear, and they will feel the confident hand of a master of his craft.