How to draw doctor quickly and easily

In the process of learning to draw children and adults have to learn something new and previously unknown. The question of how to draw the doctor, can be considered ambiguous. Because there are variations of children's creations, and there are professional pictures that get further exhibitions or shop Windows. Necessary to dive into the study material to every creature was worthy of praise.

How to draw doctor child to school

When your son or daughter's home and asked to draw the employee of a medical institution, your task is to tell the child how to do it. Of course, to portray is not easy. But inspiring in the child the right information, you will help him and he will do it.
How to draw doctor student? A question that is possible to give several answers. Of course, you need to act gradually in the process of tracing the future masterpiece, but the initial goal is to determine what exactly the doctor will draw a child.

  • you Can jot down on a piece of Dolittle.
  • a Nurse from the pediatric clinic, which the hand holds, for example, a syringe.
  • Dentist - a doctor standing near his open mouth.
  • a Doctor from a fairy tale or cartoon.
  • Comic doctor, like a cartoon.
After that, depending on what you plan to translate plans into reality, you need to prepare the materials for the job at the house from the master:
  • pencil;
  • sharpener;
  • album or separate sheets of paper;
  • paint
  • markers or crayons;
  • eraser.

how to draw doctor pencil

of Course, such creativity, like art, gives the space and opportunity to let the imagination in each piece. Before you draw the doctor, sharply you need to sharpen a pencil. Ideally, if there will be a few, for example, one sharp - varisovna small elements of the person who gave the oath of Hippocrates. Thick same and less sharpened pencil you can draw the body, make the shadows and add accessories.
Before you can draw a doctor, you need to do on a sheet of paper sketch. It could be two vertical circle (the top less, bottom more) - the head and torso. You should then finish from the bottom of the circle strips (arms and legs). On the prepared drawing draw body parts, then the face, then the required elements.
generally a Pencil to draw a very easy and interesting, because to him, any defect in the art can be corrected using the eraser. Qualitatively drawn with a pencil picture of a health worker looks neat and realistic.


To ensure the image is perfect and as planned, you need to act step by step.
  • to Prepare a place for creativity. Everything should be on hand at the right moment could be used.
  • the right to Organize and good lighting.
  • Take a sheet of paper and a pencil and get to work.
  • To get quality and beautiful, you need to know about how to draw the doctor in stages. Step-by-step actions can make a picture quickly, without complications and close to the ideal.
  • First you need to draw circles, which are markers of the torso doctor and head. Actually, you just need to put on a sheet of paper the outlines of the human body. Because the doctor in the first place man, and adding up the torso he's no different from patients. The only different body structure may if it is planned realization on a sheet of paper the cartoon character.
  • once the contours are determined, you can proceed to the drawing of each face of the doctor.
  • you Then need to draw clothing, namely, bathrobes, and pants or skirt, if it's a nurse.
  • be Sure to show all of the accessories and elements that indicate that we have before us the picture it doctor. This can be a card for a patient, stethoscope, syringe, cap with a cross.
  • If you plan on painting creations, we can proceed to this stage. Most importantly, the color combinations do not change the perception of figure. The gown should be white, pink or blue.

Close to the professional image of doctors

not surprisingly, before how to draw the doctor, many are thinking about how to translate this idea into reality. Indeed, many of the works of art can easily become candidates to be invited to the school exhibition. But it is pride and honor for a student.
So that the picture looked like a professional, not necessarily to keep the proportions millimeter millimeter. Sometimes plays a decisive role, what kind of paint painted creation. Oil, acrylic or gouache. All of these options will help to make the picture perfect, like he inscribed a true artist.