Julia Margaret Cameron: biography and works

Julia Margaret Cameron biography which is described in this article, was a prominent British photographer of the nineteenth century. Her work has inspired and continues to excite people so far. Julia considered the best portraitist. Her work was included in photo story.


Julia Margaret Cameron was born on the eleventh June 1815 in India, in Calcutta. Mother, Adeline de L’ETANG, was a French aristocrat, and his father, James Pattle, a British official of the East India company. In Calcutta and went all Julia child. Many called "ugly duckling", though the sisters thought were beautiful. But no one denied that Julia's got their talents.
Perhaps, this division of beauty subsequently played a major role in her life when she was already a Mature lady, took up photography. Julia received an excellent education in France. But after the death of her parents she had to return to India.

a Gift that changed the life

Life Julia Cameron has changed after moving with her husband to the Isle of Wight. It was a real rural area. There were no balls and Grand entertainments, to which Julia was accustomed in London. Out of boredom she was saved by the poet Lord Alfred Tennyson. The children have grown up, all the “shattered” and Julia overcame depression. Daughter-in-law, wanting to take the mother of prostration, gave her 48 birthday expensive camera. And life for Julia has acquired a new meaning and paint.

First photographs

Cameron has several teachers who then mercilessly criticized for the style. One of the photographers who liked pictures, was David Wilkie wynfield. But Julia Margaret Cameron wanted to find his own unique style. The first object of shooting steel home – family members, servants and plantation workers husband. Then Julia admitted to creativity and neighbours, making them models.

Many have complained that it is difficult to sustain such a long shooting. At that time photography was developed, and shutter speed were set to seven minutes to do. But Julia has developed his own unique style. Her photos have different brooding poses, gloomy shadows and a slight blur.
Julia Margaret Cameron created not the usual portraits and illustrations of biblical and literary topics. For each pose she tried to find special lighting. Suffered from such long shots maid Julia, Mary Hillier. She had to sit still for 8 minutes. But the maid eventually became famous.

First Studio

His first Studio Julia was installed in the room where previously kept chickens. By the laboratory for the manufacture of images was assigned a shed for coal. First, the pictures turned out very bad. Many photos were visible stains and cracks. The picture quickly faded. There was a lot of marriage. But Julia persevered to improve.

Her Studio was “a gallery of saints". She created not just good pictures, but almost icon. Julia photographed not only know, but also ordinary people. But these pictures were uninteresting. Immediately felt that Julie did not put in their soul.

Improvement in photos

Some photographers mercilessly criticized the work of Cameron. But many found the pictures gorgeous. Julia Margaret Cameron herself had mastered the process of capturing images using colloidal plates. From Cameron appeared distinctive feature – crop the photo around the shapes and blurred images. She sought specifically with a soft focus.
as a result, Julie received the plasticity, expressiveness of feelings. She stylized painting. Was removed some unnecessary visual details. As a result of her contemporaries was the heroes of the mundane world.


After a time, photographers are increasingly beginning to sound her name is Julia Margaret Cameron. Her work has been exhibited in London, Dublin, Paris and Edinburgh. And in Berlin, Julia was awarded the gold medal of V. Vogel. It was the photographer, the chemist, who perfected color images. In 1867 at the Paris world fair Julia was awarded the highest recognition.

preserved As photographs Julia?

She was a member of the English club. As soon as the shots were really good, Julia decided to sell their works to the Museum's Director. She carefully recorded each photo and designed her copyright. And then sold their work for large sums of money on the authorship of the “Julia Margaret Cameron’. The exhibition, which was organized by the Museum's Director, is constantly updated with new pictures.

Character Julia

the Contemporaries of Julia was known to be a energetic, impulsive and assertive lady, is able to persuade anyone to become a model. She posed even a respectable officials of the Ministry with the poker in his hand, which portrayed the scepter. Julia was fond of theatrical performances. Therefore, relatives and friends often were forced to dress in costumes of different characters.

Personal life

Julia Margaret Cameron, a photo of which is in this article, in 1838, married with legal counsel, Charles Cameron. He was older than his wife for twenty years. But, despite the great age difference, this marriage was a happy one. Both husband and wife loved the art. Julia and Charles were born six children.
Cameron was friends with many artists and writers. Julia even wrote short stories and did translations. After the wedding the couple went to live in Ceylon. There they spent the first ten years of marriage. After the resignation of Charles, the family moved to England and settled in London.

End example

Julia Margaret Cameron, works which have survived to our times, in eleven years of photography have created more than 900 works. Then he and Charles decided to leave Ceylon. There wife Julia was a coffee plantation and lived their two sons. Cameron tried to engage in photography and on the island. But it was not the right components to work in the laboratory, pure water and reagents.
Julia stopped to take photos. She died twenty sixth of January 1879, on the island of Ceylon. At that time she was only 59 years old. The cause of death was sadly banal – the common cold.
Pictures of Julia valued not only for quality, how much for “soul”. It always tried to see and capture Cameron. And the camera in her hands was like the brush of a talented artist. Julia tried to capture in the photos not just the face and expression. To convey feelings. Work Julia are particularly spirituality and romance.