How to draw a Chipmunk, a stepwise pattern

Start to learn drawing with the most simple. A guide on how to draw a Chipmunk, can be used for drawing any of the characters. Remember the basics and then be able to quickly and easily draw cartoon characters.

Who are these chipmunks?

the Eldest in the gang — that's Alvin. This Chipmunk is very lazy, but tough guy. In the group vocals Alvin — leading. Without it, "Alvin and the chipmunks" don't be such an incendiary and popular band. The youngest of the trio — it's Theodore.
Alvin and Simon know how to play the guitar, and Theodore is the only member of the gang who wields the drums. Besides this fellow with a chubby, and not particularly necessary to think, how to draw a Chipmunk Teddy so that he was very like himself.

They live with a man named Dave, whom I consider my dad. Despite the strange family, they live together happily, although there are quarrels and disagreements. Dave even wanted the chipmunks to live as real children. And decided to send them to school.
And so the guys began to live like everyone else. The kids combine their studies with performances at concerts, they manage to get into adventures. Learn how to draw a Chipmunk in stages from this unusual gangs using the following step-by-step lesson.

Drawn in stages: the main outlines

let's Start with the basic outlines of shapes. Draw each shape in a circle - one for head, one for the body - using the compass. But better to learn to draw everything from hands. Note, Theodore — the chubby Chipmunk from this company, draw a circle for his belly to be the biggest. Do not forget that each of the guys has a different growth. Pass this on paper.

Mark with lines the nose, eyes and lips on the head. As well as the length of the neck and the folds of clothing. Alvin put his hand forward — mark it with lines. The palm is enough to schedule using uneven oval.

Detailed drawing

Want to draw a similar face, but not sure how? To draw a Chipmunk from the cartoon is very simple. Mind you, chipmunks, apparently, a good mood. Try to pass it through wide smiles and joyful eyes. Do not draw eyebrows too low — otherwise the face will frown. Don't forget Simon to draw smooth points.

Continue to draw the head. Chipmunks have spikey hair — try to get it down on paper, then the Trinity will be exactly like teenagers. Smooth lines draw a cap Alvin. Each of the guys clothes is the collar. The figure shows lines that help to give them volume. Try to repeat it.

Begins a more detailed drawing of the garment. Draw each Chipmunk hands as in the picture. Fat guy has his hands at his sides, and Simon's right hand keeps in his pocket. And transfer is like? To draw a Chipmunk Simon just, including parts of the body. In the picture it is not visible, but it is bent at the elbow. Don't forget to draw the shoulders, otherwise, hands sticking out of the neck.
Theodore is almost invisible shoulders due to the fact that he's chubby and he's got a big collar. Alvin has on the shirt drawn letter "A". This picture is bent in the direction of the lines of the body. Draw as well to show that the Chipmunk is the volume. Draw the shoes, which are quite simple lines. Draw it two — then it will be seen that there is a Shoe sole.

Erase extra lines, and the picture is almost ready. Compare with the picture, where you are guided. Modify details.

In his imagination something to add, what, in your opinion, lacks of this cheerful Trinity. Make the shapes by color contrasting with the background — then they will be good to stand out, your job will be more interesting and colorful. Done.