How to draw yourself in anime style? Detailed lesson

Attach to the photo a piece of paper and translate it. Simplify your hair to the “patches”, enlarge the eyes and make the pupils large glare. Anime-portrait is ready. But enough of this, if you want to know how to draw themselves in anime style?

You read the description of the process of creating many characters in the cartoons. But the anime style, there are enough nuances and special details. Characters from the manga immediately apparent, and impossible to confuse with any other characters of the normal cartoons. Study it, and then you will be drawing portraits in the style of anime.

facial Expression

Want to convey emotions, but don't know how? Draw a face anime style one thing and another – to pass the expression. Emotions are drawn quite simplistically, one might even say, symbols.

for Example, the pink dash on the cheek say that the game confused, wide-open mouth with a grin during a conversation – he was angry, two arcs instead of eyes – eyes closed, and, most likely, the character is happy.
However, without studying this “ABC”, you can easily guess the emotional state of the protagonist. If the portrait man smiling, look how it is depicted in anime-style, and do the same.


to Draw the head in full face easily. But it's boring and quickly bored. How to draw yourself in anime style, the head was dynamic? Imagine that the head – ball. Draw a line exactly in the middle, where will be placed the eye. Now rotate the ball along the line to change the angle of motion.

draw lines for the nose and mouth and then draw face details. Work always needs to be done, to outline a figure. Detailed draws – and it turns out that it wasn't the same movement, what we would like.

Major error

Anime portraits subject to the General rules. Nose, eyes, mouth, ears to take its position on the head. If you can't draw the usual head, how to draw a portrait in anime style you used to think. Skill depends on experience.
Draw more sketches, practice. It helps to identify the mistakes and eventually correct them. Thus, instead of every time you open a guide to drawing portrait in anime style, examine the list of common mistakes that you should consider and try to eliminate them.

[br][br]Are the eyes evenly on the line? Many artists can't draw the same eyes, they don't know what to do with it and how. Draw yourself in anime style – this is not only to make eyes the size of a galaxy. After you draw them, mark the top and bottom extreme points and swipe. This will help to figure out exactly whether or not painted the />[br]Is the chin in the center of them? Draw a line down the center of the face between the eyes and make sure that the chin on that line. It also needs to cross the mouth and nose. In the centre, in thirds, or quarters – it depends on perspective, in which the head is.[br][br]Are the ears level with the eyes? The upper point of the ear is at the level of the eyebrows. Lobe - on the same line as the tip of the nose. But this is an individual size, so there may be deviation from specified rules – keep this in mind.

[br][br]Watching anime based on manga of different authors, not to wonder about how to draw yourself in anime style. Learn different styles of manga and at the same time enjoy watching. Many otaku (avid anime) without learning the principles first make good "anime" pattern.