How to draw Snow white with the child

Snow white – popular Disney character. This is a very cute Princess with a very good heart for her and fell in love with many girls. Panache Walt Disney invented cartoon about Snow white and the character is not very complex. Take this drawing lesson Disney characters note.

How to build

the Princess looked at the beautiful figure, select one of three positions: center, left or right – for the latter two options you need to divide a sheet of 1.6, you get several parts that need to be marked with lines. Position the figure so that the line crossing it exactly in the center. In this case it is better to choose, how to draw Snow white, thus either the center or the right, as her body pointing to the left. You need to leave free space for freedom of movement.

How to draw Snow white

Step 1. Draw the basic lines of bending of the torso and arms, draw a circle – the skull. At the bottom, approximately one third of the circle, mark a line for the eyes. Many people have difficulty drawing the same eyes. Draw lines and then accurately place them on the eyes.

Step 2. Draw the face and hairline. The Princess kind eyes and gentle smile, while drawing is not managed from a cute Princess to make the wicked witch. Don't draw the eyebrows too low, and his eyes narrow, how to draw Snow white should be a good and fun, because in the cartoon she is a positive character. Draw large pupils – this gives the characters a nice look, makes them visually in a good mood.

Step 3. Make sure the face is drawn quite pretty. Do not press hard on the pencil. Start to draw snow white's haircut – she has short wavy hair. Draw the curve of the neck. Lines indicate the clothes – high collar, puffed sleeves with pleats and corset. A Princess and a very slim waist. Each Disney Princess a graceful figure, and on how to draw Snow white to get you, it will be clear, have you noticed this feature.

Step 4. Consider lines of bending hands. The girl keeps them very smoothly and gracefully. Try to convey.

Step 5. Draw full skirt dresses. He has very smooth lines.

Step 6. Guide folds and draw the rest of the details.

Step 7. Compare your result with the picture, which was guided. Add in your imagination the patterns on the dress and jewelry in the form of necklaces or bracelets. How to paint the picture – it has your hands and imagination.

How to paint the background

So how to draw Snow white gradually – that's half the battle, once you know how to correctly paint the background to make it look complete. Choose a contrasting color to the figure that the Princess would stand out better. It will be good to make a dark background, and the bright and vibrant colours. Draw birds and animals, they perfectly complement the composition.