How to sculpt fruits and vegetables from clay

Although many people think that modeling - the activity is complex and not everyone, in fact it is not. Everyone can make wonderful items by following the simple recommendations and performing a manual step by step. The article provides a few simple examples of how to sculpt fruits and vegetables from clay.

What can I do?

How to diversify leisure child, make it not only interesting, but useful? You can read, a puzzle and puzzles, collect designer, draw or sculpt people, animals, fruits and vegetables from clay.
in General, modeling is a very useful exercise for all children. It broadens the mind, develops imagination and imagination, it reveals the creativity. When the child produces figures such as vegetables or fruit, from clay, involved fine motor skills that is responsible for speech, thinking, attention. Also the process will bring considerable pleasure and adult. Mom and baby will spend time in society with each other, making fun cub or children.
One of the simplest art is the sculpting of vegetables and fruits out of clay. This task is easy to handle and beginners.


Dazzle of yellow plasticine bananas - it's easy! First you need to roll two long sausages plump, slightly bend them. Then with a pointed object (e.g. toothpick) to make a few shallow longitudinal grooves. Now to make the sausage thinner and shorter with a small bone in the middle. This process stick two bananas - turned out bunch.

If you did everything correctly, your plasticine bananas will be the same as in the picture above.


to make the carrots, you will need two piece of clay - orange and green. First sculpt blanks:
  • root - rolls orange sausage, tapered at one end. The wider the tip of the finger should slightly flatten. Something sharp (toothpick for example) are doing to root short transverse stripes;
  • stem - roll the green ball, splosives his fingers with two sides, one end a little saugeen. A toothpick hold deep wide grooves in the direction from a wide end to a narrow (as shown in the picture).

it Now remains the most simple - to collect the carrots from the blanks. For this you need to stick a stalk with narrow side to the wide edge of the root. Plasticine vegetable is ready! You got same as the picture?


There is nothing easier than to make a tomato! With this task to handle even three-year kids.

Again, you should start with blanks. First, we create the fruit, which rolls a ball of clay red. Now two steps are doing a green stalk with leaves, first from material of the corresponding color have to roll a ball, then with two fingers pull out of him, five little sausages-leaves.
Last step is to collect our tomatoes, that is just a red ball attached green stem with leaves. If done correctly, you get a vegetable like the picture below.


a Grape is a berry, not a vegetable or fruit. But for a change, learn how to sculpt a bunch of grapes. The more that do it is not harder than to make a tomato. To start preparing the parts: the berries and leaves.

To do this from purple clay will nacetem 12-15 small balls, each of which is slightly splosne fingers, giving them an irregular shape. Next, three blind bulk of an oval (in form they should resemble the egg) and carefully squeeze them from both sides, so that they become flat.

Next phase is to seal all the berries (purple balls) together in the form of a cone, and the top (widest part) stick three green leaf. A bunch of grapes ready!
Now you have seen that the molding fruit and vegetables from clay is a simple and interesting exercise? The result that we learned to make - bananas, carrots, tomatoes and a bunch of grapes.

with a little imagination, you can make any vegetables and fruits from clay: apples, pears, plums, watermelon, cabbage, peas, onions, radishes, eggplant, and others.

Interesting design

all should be aesthetics. So made vegetables and fruits out of clay you can't just throw it in a box, they need a good lay, for example, in a basket or on a plate. The child will do it with pleasure.

Here on the plate are like real eggplant.

Another clay dish filled with various vegetables. In it we see a green peas, radishes, carrots, cabbage and even a small pumpkin in the center of the composition.

And here the craftsmen all their products put in the basket. Also a very interesting solution. Try it for yourself and you will make sure that the modeling clay fruits (and vegetables, of course) is entertaining.