How to draw peas: the basics

pea Pod is an interesting subject for drawing. Usually he is painted for training budding artists. Right: the vegetable is not the most difficult, but gives a good opportunity to study the different behavior of light, shadows, glare and reflexes. But special knowledge about how to draw a pea pod, have no need. Consider the main points.[br]

How to draw a peas

First mark the main track. It is better to take HB pencil (TM - hard-soft). Draw lines that mark the overall width and length of the subject. Then to paint the remaining details of the exact size, measure their size relative to those of length or width. Measure proportion with a pencil.

Please note: peas are round. Take any matte opaque ball, and see how in different lighting it has a light, shadows, reflexes and reflections.

Many are not able to pass the volume of spherical objects, and they don't know what to do and how. To draw the peas will be easy, if you consider the behavior of shadows on an ordinary balloon. Gypsum product shadow goes smoothly, from light to dark. But in the shadows, at the point of contact with a sheet of paper, there is a reflex. And in this part it is lighter.
Also on the transition of shadows has a border that is darker in tone. And the ball also falls the shadow. At the point of contact of the object with the surface it is the most dark.[br]

Start to draw the details. Better to practice drawing from life – so you better perceive an object, you will be able to observe the light and shadow and also you will be able to make your composition. It is useful even if you just wanted to learn how to draw a pea pod with a pencil. Nature set according to your taste, pleasant and interesting to draw. But in the setting of still life there are certain rules.[br]

Now draw the lines more clearly, make them more oily and dark in places where the shadow is. Consider the nature carefully, try to submit the form accuracy, roughness, any imperfections. Finally we compare the proportions. How to draw a peas you can now will depend on what work you will be under strength in the future.[br]

Start hatching. Always start with the shadows and don't make them too dark. Optimum softness of the pencil for the job - B, and 2B.[br]

How to help

Select the location best location-directly opposite or slightly to the side. Good lighting is the key master in drawing and painting. Soft light from a lamp or window is the perfect solution. If the light is too sharp from the lamp, get a special cover fabric or cover it with tissue paper. If the sunlight from the window falling in the wrong place, use different tricks. For example, take a large mirror or foil glued to the plywood to reflect the light from the window in the direction of the still life. It's better to draw what you see than trying to guess how to draw the pea correctly and how he could look.

How to put a song

to Paint these still lifes are very useful, but often difficult to put right complex composition. Interesting and harmony – important features of any still life, even for the question of how to draw a pea with a pencil, it will be very useful knowledge. Put the bottle of wine and a plate of fruit – it will not cause difficulties. But how to create a complex still life with a large number of parts?

Organize the group. When composing, consider compositional elements, avoiding the center position, and symmetry. Objects must not lie on one line or stand separately. For harmony is better positioned to slightly obstruct each other, but did not stop to consider themselves. Avoid clutter. For example, fruits in a bowl - they as if poured from a bag or basket, or if they are half eaten on the plate.

How to choose background

Think about your background. Architectural features such as window frames or door can be added to the composition. A tone that contrasts with the subject matter, important for background. Drapery can be plain, as long as it was the right color. No need to make fancy folds. Same with the surface on which the object is. It is important that the selected color of the tablecloth does not merge with the object.
Select objects: beginners should avoid unusual shapes. However, even ordinary objects require precise rendering of form and perspective. Even in the question of how to draw a pea, it is useful to have an idea about the composition. Scatter around the pod a few peas.

How to compose on paper

Use the viewfinder to successfully arrange the items in the list. To make it very simple: cut a rectangle in the paper and look through it to find the most beneficial kinds.

Leave the bottom more than the top. Items must be in the middle of the paper, or on the line of the Golden section, and not to rest against the edge of the paper. This will help you even how to draw a pea with a pencil. Step by step, beginning to outline General shape, you can do a harmonious job. Also the edges should remain open space.

the Golden section

to find the Golden ratio divide the sheet approximately 1,618. Position the subject so that the line of the Golden section crossing its center. Which way to choose? Profitable is on the right. Usually look first rushes there. But if the motion is directed to the right, it is better to give preference to the left side to the subject was not crowded. Thus, your work will look more absolutely and will not be ashamed to hang it on the wall, even if you drew a normal vegetable.