Clay molding: step by step simple to create!

the article presents a few ideas of modeling clay with step-by-step recommendations.

Cute tiger

Make wonderful cute tiger cub is very simple. Modeling clay step by step - it is an entertaining process. In just ten minutes you'll get a funny animal figure!

First crumble the piece of orange clay and form from it an oval, then from the sides, top and sharp sides of the oval a little preplanned fingers. Get the body of a tiger. Next, SkyTeam ball and with a toothpick attach it to the torso. Example of work shown in the picture.

Then you need to make to our tiger nose, eyes and ears. From the orange clay blind two small equal size ball and quite a bit will splosne them, and then attach to the head, as shown in the example.
From the black clay will skatiem two little bead - eyes, and a green blind nasolabial folds (the kids will be clearer if you tell them "place for a moustache") and the jaws (or mouth). Nasolabial folds need a toothpick to make 3 or 4 grooves on each side. Again, from a piece of black clay would make a perfect little nose, to be attached centered between nosogubnye folds and mouth. As you can see, this is just modeling clay, step by step. For children the process is always very exciting.

In the next phase will do our tiger cub paws like the picture. It is very simple. You need to make two short thick "sausages" and attach them to the bottom of the torso. That's all! Modeling clay step by step - it's easy!

Intuitively, how to make a tail with a brush on the end and decorate the whole body with black stripes. If done correctly, you get the same tigrenochek cute as the picture.

Modeling clay step - by-step craft flowers

To make the flowers, first you need to make all the details for them:
  • two stalk of green clay to roll two long thin sausages;
  • future petals on a lilac flower from the material of the corresponding color to make five identical small balls, flattening them into pancake fingers from two sides, from the bottom to primepay;
  • future white flower made of white plasticine to make a ball larger then kneading movements to turn it into a flat plate;
  • two leaves from green material to make two flat ovals of appropriate size, slightly bend them in half and priderite from one end, giving the shape of the leaves;
  • midway - yellow clay to sculpt 5-7 small balls and one tiny thin sausage.
Now the whole material is ready. Modeling clay step by step continues!

Collect flowers

First of all connect with lilac petals, cementing their more subtle side. Then put the head of a flower on a stalk, to which the sides will stick on the leaf. The middle flower is necessary to decorate the yellow bulbs to simulate stamens.
Now let's start Assembly white Calla lilies. This white flat billet twist in the form of a bag (like sunflower seeds) and narrow side attach to the stem. Inside the head you need to insert the little yellow sausage, you get a pistil.
Picture above is an example of how it should look like the flowers after the Assembly.

many More ideas

plasticine Modeling steps (pictures prove it) allows you to make a variety of crafts. The options can be many, it all depends on your imagination. Poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit, men and cartoon characters, tableware, tables and high chairs for babies - all of this you can sculpt from plasticine.