Albert Marquet. Picture at all times

son of a maid and a railroad employee, albert Marquet (1875-1847) was born in the port city of Bordeaux in South-West France. At age 15 he moved to Paris, but the sea remained his constant love. The artist traveled a lot. He was easy going. A particularly vivid impressions received in Naples and Venice albert Marquet. Pictures, where he wrote sea and boats, with an emphasis on light under water, practically do not depend on the time in which he lived.

a Typical “Bay of Naples" (1909), which is stored in the Hermitage. The master wrote it, looking from the top point. The sky reflected in the water, the distance is infinite, all-space and will. The space is organized with a black outline.

the painter

the Marche as an artist was formed in the atmosphere of Fauvism. He was friendly with Matisse, Derain, Vlaminck, Rouault, Duffy. But not a riot of paint on his canvases. His sense of color is amazing. In the landscapes of Paris, which he loved, grey and yellow color palette inactive. Albert Marquet paintings were made using black outlines. They helped him together with chiaroscuro and perspective to identify the shape and volume. But in some works he refused. “the Louvre Embankment, summer” – the view from the window of his Studio. The work is full of complex combinations of colors, where orris prevails on the background of the pale sky. Quite unusually the canvas, with love showing purple Paris – “the Square of St. Trinity”. These works are also exhibited in the Hermitage. How cold Paris winter! Notre Dame in the distance, closeup Dana banks of the Seine, and all immersed in a gray polumgla.

Masterful painter works only silvery shades of gray. In addition to landscapes of Paris, during his travels through France, Germany, Switzerland, albert Marquet paintings were of the river or the sea, ports and ships. These two themes (Paris and the sea) fully captured the imagination of the master.

the Painter albert Marquet, paintings

“in the Port of Honfleur" (1911) – one of the masterpieces of the painter, who fell in the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin from the collection of Sergei Shchukin. The hand of the master is immediately recognizable, especially for the harmonious flavor and raskovanno free smear. Sea, boat, sky, pale grayish, greenish water with slight ripples. Albert Marquet writes a picture, using a very economical technical means, and he manages to convey life in all its low-key but romantic charms. His paintings tend to be the permanent image of the Seine, the beaches, the sea and the coast. One of his best paintings, “the Port of Marseille" (1916), is located in Japan (Ohara art Museum).

horizontal canvas is divided into three parts. In the foreground are clearly distinguished in the calm turquoise water of the boat, then goes bright, the open sea, crowned with a hazy grayish outline of the city on the mountain. It is surrounded by dull pale yellowish sky. Involuntarily recall the prints of Hokusai “one Hundred kinds of Fuji”. In our days is the opening of the heritage albert Marquet again.

Exhibition of albert Marquet

In 2015, the Museum of modern art in Paris held an exhibition of 70 paintings and 60 drawings Marche. All work was of a very high level. These are landscapes of Paris, Algiers, Hamburg, Naples. The ink drawings amazed visitors conciseness and realism. Three strokes, the artist manages to convey the life. Pushkin Pushkin Museum also celebrated the 140th anniversary of the artist exhibition “albert Marquet. The artist stopped time”. From Paris it is different because it has impressions from a trip to the Marche in the Soviet Union, as well as the works of young Russian artists of the 20-ies of XX century, which experienced the influence of the Brand. The master himself are 49 paintings. In addition, it shows the work of Derain (“Dry sail”), Vlaminck (“Barges on the Seine”), Duffy ("Regatta").

Works by albert Marquet in the Hermitage

Thanks to Ivan Morozov (6 paintings) and Sergei Shchukin (9 pictures) of our major museums have paintings, which was written by albert Marquet. Paintings in the Hermitage – as in Moscow, early Mark (1901-1913). These include “Milliner”, “Views of the Seine and the monument to Henry IV”, “the Louvre Embankment, summer”, “Rainy day in Paris. Notre-Dame”, “the Hamburg port», «Saint-Jean-de-Luz”, “Bay of Naples”, “Promenade in green”, “the Harbour in Menton”. The Paris scenery has forced to speak about the artist as a master with its own expressive system and on “Paris Marche». He wrote, looking out of his apartment on the sixth floor (for example, “Promenade in green”). Artist's view from the height of the “draws” the viewer in depth. The painter himself has developed a style of work.

an Extraordinary, joyful and light “the Harbour in Menton”. On the background of blue cloudless sky, the white town on the white promenade brightens, Bouncing, azure sea. The harmonious relations of the sea, boats and ship. By the light of the impression that the world is warmed by the rays of the sun.
artist's Work filled with beautiful forever, not political paintings on the topic of the day. His works do not lose their charm and want to return again and again.