What is the opening day, and how to use that word

Sometimes even the educated people may not know the exact value of a word. For example, many do not know what a Vernissage. Nothing wrong with that, because if necessary you can easily bridge the gap, just reading information about an unknown word.

What is a Vernissage

When you need to learn the different meanings of the word, the best assistant is a dictionary. Today to understand what the Vernissage, can help and the Internet. So, this word means a solemn opening of the exhibition that invited the press, critics and artists. Moreover, the exhibition presents itself as a screening of one artist and thematic, on which are paintings of several artists.
day before the Vernissage is also very important for the artist, because that's when the works are hung and ready to show. For each piece you need to find a place where picture will look especially effectively. The fact that the artist and the shrewd glance of critics special role is played by factors such as illumination and viewing angle. Often the first impression is created thanks to them, and on opening day it becomes even more important.

Note also that it is fundamentally wrong to say "the opening", because the word "Vernissage" in itself refers to the opening.

Historical background

the Word "Vernissage" came into Russian language from French, it comes from vernis, which means "nail". The fact is that before the Vernissage called coating the finished painting with lacquer after completion. In this ceremony were invited the relatives of the artists and their families. The coating was a very significant event because it meant that the picture can no longer be corrected, and it is ready to be placed on sale or in the gallery. That is why the artist was important to hear the opinion of friends and maybe make some adjustments to the work before painting.
Human understanding of what the exhibition has changed considerably over time. So, gradually to the opening were invited not only relatives of the artist, but everyone who has a relationship to the world of fine art, and gradually the word has acquired the meaning of the solemn opening of the exhibition of the artist.

Today, the opening day is not only the opening itself, increasingly these words are a and exhibitions, where you can buy any work. And not only paintings, here you can find jewelry, pottery, and other products.

Where you would normally use the word "Vernissage"

What is the Vernissage, we've already figured out, so you need to find out in which cases the word is used.
most Often it is used in the media, where provides information about upcoming events and activities. Often you can find this word in Newspapers, for example, it can be messages like: "the Exhibition will be held from 2 to 5 may, 1 may, the gallery will host a Vernissage".

Phrase "the autumn opening day" is often used in schools. This is because when the students come in from recess, exhibitions with drawings of the guys. Sign drawings in this case and is called a Vernissage.