Unique paintings of CY Twombly

CY Twombly is one of the most famous American artists of the twentieth century, but also one of the most controversial. So, critics around the world are enthusiastically talking about his art and find meaning in his work while ordinary people are genuinely indignant how to sell these paintings for the fabulous price.

CY Twombly

the Life and work of the artist held mainly in America, but about 15 years SAI held in Europe.
Artist CY Twombly was born in 1928. He was called SAI in honor of the ballplayer. For 4 years the young man studied art at several universities. Already then he was fascinated by abstract art, and eventually was able to develop his own style. In 50-ies of XX century paintings of CY Twombly were on display, and almost immediately they brought him glory.

In 1957 the artist decided to move to Rome and there married, married SAI son was born. Living in Europe, the artist painted many paintings in myths and legends, the most significant of which is the painting "Leda and the Swan" (1962). This is not the first treatment of CY Twombly to historical reasons, previously, he has created paintings with an African theme.
At this time in America about it almost forgot, but after the return of the glory quickly returned to the artist.
One of the brightest representatives of contemporary art, CY Twombly during his life he received many awards, including the Japanese Imperial award, the analogue Nobel in the world of fine art.
Great artist died in 2011 of cancer that has plagued man over the past few years.


Your special style developed by the artist CY Twombly. All the paintings that came from under his hands, literally drenched in a special manner and so to distinguish them from the works of others quite easily. If the first works were made in the style of abstract art, then later, in the Mature years of his life, he moved to romantic symbolism.
first, the main feature of the artist is the use of writing in the paintings. It is believed that he gave rise to the emergence of graffiti, showing that labels can be skilfully combined with paintings. In his works the words neatly inscribed in the background, adding meaning.

paintings of CY Twombly usually filled with a wide variety of details on a white or dark background, which, working together, always kind of affect the perception of the viewer.
Note that the special manner of writing allowed the artist to create huge paintings, several meters, and drawings on plain paper. So sought after not only a full picture, but the outline created by the SAI.
says about the works of the artist Director of one of the galleries where he exhibited paintings, "sometimes people need help in recognizing works of art that may seem a bit foreign". That is why the gallery has exhibited the works with explanations, despite the prominence of the author.
CY Twombly claimed that he, unlike many other artists, passing days and nights in the Studio. He could not write for a year, and then the picture just spontaneously came to his mind. That is why SAI did not consider himself a full-fledged artist.

Most famous paintings

Surely everyone has seen the work of CY Twombly. Paintings that sold for millions of dollars every year beat their own records. So, his work "untitled", completed in 1970, almost every year, breaking records value. So, last year, the painting went under the hammer for fabulous 70,5 million dollars. She is a dark-gray canvas on which a white color is displayed orderly, continuous spiral line.

Among the known works of the author is often distinguished paintings of "Apollo", "Four seasons", "the rose" and other paintings.


Few people remember that, in addition to paintings, the artist worked more and sculpture. Note that they are much more like traditional art than the paintings of CY Twombly, though to this art form he also has his own approach.
Even with the 50-ies of SAI tried to follow fashion and create sculptures out of junk, but then for quite a long time left in this lesson. To sculpture the artist returned only in the 70s Then he invented his own method. He made sculptures out of trash, covering them with white paint or plaster. As a result, CY Twombly has been an interesting creation, reminiscent of the classic style.

Opinions on the works

worldwide, many people love the work of CY Twombly. Paintings of his authorship are now stored in many famous museums, and the artist has his own gallery in Houston. Fans say they love the work of CY because of his work allow people to be alone, and everyone sees something different in every picture.
However, you can often hear the testimonials of people who wonder what can be called paintings of CY Twombly art. Who is right and who is not, each person determines for himself only enough to see several works by the artist.