Intuitive painting: learning about yourself through art

Intuitive painting is a relatively new direction in visual art. Otherwise, this technique is called hemispheric drawing or abstraction. It facilitates the process of self-knowledge, develops creativity and overall potential of a person.

Intuitive drawing

due to their specific properties, this method is not often used in the arts and in psychology. This kind of art reveals deep emotions, a glimpse into your own subconscious and resolve long-plaguing problems. Intuitive painting is often used to treat nervous disorders, relieving stress and fatigue. In the process of drawing people is the so-called colour therapy, it can help restoring the harmony within the body, adjusting their health.
Final picture can represent something abstract, but must carry certain associations the viewer to Wade through his thinking when a long visual analysis of the work.

How it works the intuitive painting

This method involves the activation of the right hemisphere is responsible for spatial-figurative thinking. It is designed to teach people how to disable analytical skills in the moment when they are unnecessary and interfere quickly to accomplish the task.
people with an active right brain to make decisions easier, faster process visual and verbal information. "Lefties", on the contrary, strongly tend to analyze what is happening, to consider actions and assess their potential. It is believed that this factor prevents to do in full force because the artist holds within certain limits.

For adults, the development of this technique - the process is difficult and complicated. The more insecure the person, the problem for him will be to go beyond its borders. Therefore, most intuitive art practiced in special classes, where the teacher explains the principles of working with paint and its properties, and then helps to get rid of the shackles and create.

where to start

to begin drawing using intuition at home, all you need to do: basic art supplies and a good mood.
  • First you will need to instill in yourself the confidence to work with selected paint (preferably to start). You can take any color and a wide slanting strokes arbitrarily apply it to the worksheet. This process is similar to tie-dye the ends of the handle, and it will help to know the properties of the paint. But at the same time and get rid of the fear of drawing, if any.
  • Because art (intuitive) implies pleasurable activities, the colors, the future artist selects any of which stretches a hand. So the next shade for work take, at its discretion, repeat the previous item.
  • Next, all heading for the same scenario. Colors are still selected as desired, no matter, even if they don't mix. Strokes remain arbitrary.
  • process is a chaotic paint continues as long as the head paint will not start to occur Association with his painting, the images, which it would be possible to turn the resulting, at first glance, "spotting".
  • Now should be guided by the arising in the process, the ideas carefully and put them on paper. It is not necessary to analyze their actions - let the work looks childish, their lovers on it is still there.

Lessons intuitive painting: painting techniques

There are several ways of painting, also became quite familiar brush strokes:
the First option is used to draw round objects. This form is the most complex, but the task is much easier when as a working tool are the hands. You only need to dip the finger tip into the paint and put a dot on paper from which the artist will increase the diameter of the object in a circular motion. But because intuitive painting should be fun, this method can be used to draw other shapes.

a Spray is often used for background images or precipitation and is very simple: a paintbrush dipped in paint, is placed over the sheet and edge of the lead finger at the very tip of the villus quick movements.
For point equipment will need gouache and a flat brush. Getting this effect requires no additional effort just to keep the brush perpendicular to the paper and make strokes stamp movement without pressure on the tool.

Igor Sakharov

have Decided to develop this form of visual art, this name should be familiar. Sugar - known artist and teacher. He seeks to involve as many people as possible to his craft, so often conducts master classes, which explains all facets of the right painting and working with different materials.
His lessons are on the official website of artist and video hosting. If you are interested in intuitive painting Igor Sakharov will help to understand what was happening.