Paintings of the 19th century: features time and creators

At one stage of his development the man pulled back his goal to act only for the sake of functionality, comfort, and began to pay attention to the beauty. Thus was born the art, that brightens up the routine of life, evokes emotion and preserves for centuries. Art – it is a way to convey the story through the generations.
Among a large number of branches, each genre has its own peculiarities and nuances, the ways to cause the experience, identity and independence. This is the painting, which for many years pleases the human eye. It covers many styles and trends, which suggests that painting as an infinite source of inspiration and deep emotion. Looking at the picture, each finds in it something of their own, eye for detail, in which, perhaps, the author and laid some sense. This is the value of visual art.
Paintings of the 19th century, along with the modern that can cause a variety of often conflicting emotions that hit the brain and turns the usual meaning of things.

19th century Painting

the Late 18th and early 19th century reflected in the history as the prevalence of high classicism in all art forms, including painting. It is a period filled with the artist's desire to convey in their works the romance, originality, individuality is beautiful. Paintings of the 19th century – this is what makes your chain look to each smear and admire them as part of a larger, living fabric. This time again revealed to the world the beauty of the portrait, its ability to show not only the individual quality of the person presented and a new technique in painting, but also part of the artist, how he sees the world.
paintings of the 19th century is filled with a gradation of two similar shade of color that would add to the paintings life, reality. Later, in the 50-ies, the loftiness and the romantic paintings changed to display life without exaggeration or embellishment-realism. But still, despite the General trends, the artists wrote what he saw, what he felt and what he wanted to convey. Time frame popular genre or priority technology did not affect them, because creative people, masters of their craft hard to squeeze in a specific format.

the paintings of Ivan Aivazovsky

If you only say two words – “sea” and “painting”, the first who comes to mind is Ivan Aivazovsky. How he passed the water element, it is impossible to compare with anything. In his paintings the water, like a man filled with thoughts, emotions and experiences. Each of his paintings is a picture of the world of the 19th century, where ships struggle with the elements, where light and darkness find their contrast in every area of life where feelings are flowing over the edge like it's your last day has come.

It works such as “Battles”, “Storm and shipwreck”, “the Crimea and the surrounding area” is a portal through which you can get to the place depicted on the canvas, and become its integral part. Devoting a lot of time and effort to landscape, Ivan Aivazovsky created and portraits. Some of them are “Portrait of Vice-Admiral M. P. Lazarev”, “Portrait of A. I. Kaznacheev” and others.

Karl Bryullov and his creation

Russian paintings of the 19th century – this collection of beautiful works of a large number of artists, among them a special love of art stands out Karl Brullov. Having received from the father the ability to appreciate the fine, Carl from childhood far surpassed the skill of many of his classmates. In his career, he operated a large list of techniques. Oil, watercolor, Sepia or drawing – his paintings reflect an enduring interest of the author to all facets of art.

Brullov, inspired by the works of the best masters of all time, was able to convey plasticity, a special sense of form and individual understanding of painting. The most significant work by this artist, is a monumental historical painting “the Last days of Pompeii", the creation of which took six years. The heritage Briullov included in the “gold Fund” not only Russian but also world art.

Viktor Vasnetsov and his paintings of the 19th century

many works of Viktor Vasnetsov acquainted at school. This artist was going to notice his passion the folklore, historical and fabulous subjects, and the importance of national history. “Heroes”, “a knight at the crossroads”, “Tsar Ivan the terrible” – all of these works, like the places of concentration of shaped energy, causing a strong inner impulse.

In the paintings of Vasnetsov's an important scene, the plot, and the color is played, though a secondary, but immensely important, because thanks to the accurate selection of colours and sweet awe, inspired beauty depicts his paintings can fill the soul with pleasant warmth and admiration.

Painting Arkhip Kuindzhi

a Simple but exciting; it seemed undemanding, but impressive – such is the art of the 19th century. The paintings of Arkhip Kuindzhi fit perfectly to the atmosphere of the time. The lack of plot in his works was to reduce their value and take the enthusiastic interest with which you look at them, but still these pictures are catchy and carry in the distant depths of consciousness.

it's All about color. The fullness of Arkhip Kuindzhi conveys the simplicity of the surrounding, not allows not to admire his work. “the Snow peaks”, “Sunrise”, “the Forest” - these are good examples of high skill Arkhip, through which you can see the beauty and harmony of the surrounding world.

the world through the eyes of Isaac Levitan

All the paintings of the 19th century in its own way exciting and touching, and your place among them is occupied by the work of Isaac Levitan. In one of the paintings the artist has displayed many shades, which was achieved thanks to the special sensuality of his paintings.

Artist passionately loved life and all of its facets. His work – it is simple and, at first glance, unassuming landscapes, such as "eternal rest", "Wooded", but in their brevity hides emotional expressiveness.