How to draw? Your character: how to create a unique character

the character – is an interesting and responsible job, especially for those who are just starting the artist's way. This is a guide for those who have in mind only revolves the image he wants to draw. Your character is created in several stages. Better if each of them you will register on paper.
so how to draw the character gradually?

Phase 1. Common features

Here you need to decide on gender, age, date of birth and occupation of the hero.
First, you need to decide whom we want to draw. “in character” can be as a five year old girl and a seventy-year old man. When deciding on flooring, be aware of the concept of social education and gender reactions to the hero. In addition, there are feminine traits that are not typical of the male population.

Stage 2. The character's appearance

At this stage it is necessary to define the external image of character: eye color and hair, hair, height, weight, body type, outfit.
Color of eyes and hair-very delicate. But most artists advise you to choose the color of hair depending on the type of activity and the expected nature and eyes to contrast or, conversely, similar in color with hairs.
If height and weight are in the normal range, the specific role they play.

Stage 3. The nature of the character

the nature of the character better to begin with the temperament: what will be the character that we want to draw? “in character” can be bright and energetic hot-headed, constantly hovering in the clouds of melancholy, peaceful phlegmatic or sanguine balanced. After that you must run positive and negative traits of the hero.

In the end, we get a holistic way that was easy to draw. Your character will be livelier and more original, if you take care of every detail of his image.