Art synthetic: definition, role, origins and interesting facts

Art – this is art-creative activity of man. The difference of one art form from another can only be in the way of material realization of his plans. For example, the expressiveness of words – in the literature, the brightness of the sound – in music, the plasticity of movement – in dancing, beauty and volume – in architecture, etc.

Theories and assumptions

In an effort to create something new, humanity has come to a synthesis of arts. Today it is a mix of all the traditionally-known types of art offered to the user in a non-standard form.
Question about the origins of synthetic arts and today is controversial. Some researchers believe that the basis of all arts known to mankind, is the concept of itinerant actors. Others believe that the origins must be sought in the religious rituals and carnival processions. There is even an interesting theory that the arts came from the magic ritual actions and beliefs.

Diversity of perception

As you know, all arts are equal. Among them, there can be secondary. Each of them captures a world of unique set of expressive-figurative means.
for example, a painter expresses his feelings and emotions in the beauty of the lines, the harmony of shades, colors and black and white transitions. Composer, perceiving the world through hearing, can portray his feelings through rhythm, musical-tone intonation and sound. The choreographer expresses his attitude through the plasticity of the human body and the graceful harmony of motion.

Director in the theatre expresses the behavior and actions of people across actors who are trained acting skills, through their posture, gestures, facial expressions, movement and speech.
naturally, each of them can fully convey their feelings, without attracting other forms of art. Therefore there were synthetic kinds of art.

Made simple

the Art of synthetic – art-aesthetic activity, which is an organic Union, or a mix of all kinds of arts. This results in a new aesthetic consistency of the creative idea.
Theater falls under this definition first and foremost. No matter the drama or the Opera, it harmoniously combines acting, literature, painting, music, decorative arts, etc.
Ballet action also has a direct relationship to the category of synthetic arts. In this fabulous “friends” the plasticity of the body, expressed in dance movements, paintings, music, sculpture (with a nice touch of eroticism), the genre of pop art (represented by a sequence of different genre rooms: illusionism, dance, singing, recitation, acrobatics, etc.).
Circus is also in the category of "synthetic art". It combines the satirical touch, spectacular rooms with trained animals and elements of various sports and strength exercises.

thirst for Musical synthesis

If you look, even in the family of simple art can I find art synthetic. An example of this – vocal music or dance, a prisoner in the synthesis of space and time, and illustrations in books.
But it should be understood that the synthetic art is not the sum of simple types. It is part of the created artistic and aesthetic image in which each of the arts is changing, adapting to the basic idea.
For example, music, getting into the movie, takes on a new expression, emphasizing or muting action. And given the fact that music is nonrepresentational forms of art, you can see how she is in the movie acquires a spatiality and becomes architektonicznej. Now it can change not only space, but time.

Interestingly this situation was described by Alfred Schnittke. Today it is the famous composer of the 20th century, however, almost prohibited. Anyway, in the Union of his songs was not performed. But for the movie he wrote many musical compositions. And campaigned many other composers to try their hand at film. In the movie, thought Schnittke, there is expressive, hitherto unknown potential of the musical language. Music theorist and composer also emphasized that music as art synthetic stunningly expresses himself in a team with the Director and actor. Of course, we are not talking about the musical themes that accompany the film. We are talking about a musical moment that, ahead of the frame, carries information to the viewer. That is, the music is non-verbal and inexpressive way to transmit information!

Spatial transformation

the Theater business or movie, "pulling" music from the two-dimensional transforms to three-dimensional. That theater - the art synthetic, people understood just a few centuries ago, because it encompasses several types of arts, and rests on two pillars: drama (literary component), and acting.

Image – based contemporary art collective

Synthesized art descended from fine, dominate in the modern system videokultury. Synthetic art and image are closely connected through the monitor or screen. And one thing and another – it is a picture (image), just constantly moving. Screen - immediate follower of the fine arts, thanks to the persistent evolution of modern computer technology.

Today, people in a rapidly changing world is a changing field of visual arts. And it is natural that the introduction to the culture and other types of art often passes through the screen.
With each round of technological revolution there are new unusual ideas, a new subspecies of art, and with them change customs and traditions.
Digital art (computer or digital) – creative constructive human activity. It is organized with the help of computer or information technology, through the use of which produces a digital product.

A volatile tech world

In today's media space, the role and place of synthetic images in the arts cannot be overemphasized. The more digital it is a kind of quick evolyutsioniruet. And considering how many today in the traditional academic disciplines of digital computer technology, we can see how blurred the boundaries between established art forms and multimedia "masterpieces".

Digital painting

to Determine the name of the resulting synthetic art is quite difficult. The final part of this art work can be a single sound, image, and video or animation, gallery or video works Web site. Experts suggest to call it synthetic art digital painting. The point is that digital (computer) image is not created using computer simulation and by the application of a person required in the work of painter tools, imitated with the support of computer (digital) technology.

Computer design digital art painting – brushes, paints and easel painter. To "represent" well -, including and on the computer, you need to have at least basic knowledge of the art of painting and skillfully apply the art of the technology (color wheel, flare, perspective, reflexes, etc.).