Fanfic - what is it? Amateur writing based on the popular original literary works

have you Heard such an unusual word as “fiction”? What is it, in what form it is presented and where can I find it? Why teenagers are better informed about the meaning of this word, and many of the adults have no idea what was going on?
Some parents who cut their child from negative impact of information, very worried, when they notice that the child has become addicted to fanfiction. How dangerous they are, and whether or not can hurt?
As the saying goes, the enemy must know in person. That is, it is important to understand what is an unfamiliar object, phenomenon or action. And only then decide whether the case before us the enemy.
Thus, the purpose of this article-the study of unknown words and answer the question “what is the fanfic”.

the Meaning of “fiction”

the Study of the word is more logical to begin with determining the circle of persons who use it. If a bit is to listen carefully to the speech of teenagers, you will know that such wonderful words, to which belong such as “Akuma, manga, fanfic” and other, widely used by enthusiasts and anime fans. A special type or genre of movies and books. The latter, incidentally, is called Mang.
For further study of the problem, refer to the etymology of the word. That is, the question of how the word evolved. And then we'll know finally what it is — fiction.
so, an unusual word is “the American stranger”. Because in Russian language came from the English. Formed of such words as fan, which is translated into Russian, as a fan, and fan fiction — literature artistic nature.

What is fiction

Based on the above definition it is clear that under the fanfic is not that other, as the work of an Amateur nature, written by a fan of any movie, book, cartoon, series, etc. and based on its plot and main characters.
for Example, there are a lot of fanfics on Harry Potter. And not always the events they unfold in the story presented by the author of the original work — J. K. Rowling.
the Most famous fanfic in this category belongs to Cassandra Claire, who wrote a trilogy about Draco Malfoy — blond opponent of Harry Potter, who always bothering him and trying to ruin lives. In this case, the work of an Amateur character was so interesting and popular that it even became an independent books in three parts.

How to navigate in the abundance of fanfiction

If you explore the Internet, it will become clear that the fanfiction you can find a million or more. And in order to choose the one that will appeal to a specific person and will meet his wishes, expectations and moral principles should learn the definition of fanfic.
These works as original works, films, series, etc., on which they are written, are evidence to sort out the abundance of stories. After all, you never know what topic is the basis of the narrative. You also need to understand the suitability of the plot.
Assume that the reader interested in fanfiction for Harry Potter, and he wants to learn more about the life of Professor Snape (or Snape according to some sources). Then he should learn what characters will be involved in the narrative.

That is, in this case in the first place to look for fanfic about Snape. And then to examine “cap” of a work to determine whether the desires of the reader.

What is “cap” fan fiction

so, above we talked about the fact that to understand not only the subject but also in the content and story of Amateur works to help “cap” of fanfic. What is it?
“Cap” fan fiction — it's his description, advertising, a preview presented after the title — the name of the book that allows readers to understand what will be involved in this fanfic. Therefore, “cap” must be the following fields: name, type, fandom, rating, size, orientation, genre, warnings, description.
“cap” of fanfic there is a field, which is recommended, but not required. These are such items as: beta and co-authors (if any), characters, review, initiation, publication, appreciation.

Key field in “cap” fan fiction

each of Amateur work written by a fan who is very impressed with any movie, series, etc., adding to its history for the selected site devoted to this topic you must complete the following items:
  • Name — verbal designation of a work.
  • Type — the person who added the product to the Network, is its author or translator of a foreign text.
  • Fandom — based on what the fanfic: movie, book, game, etc.
  • Rating — the age category of the work, in other words, a criterion to determine the suitability of fanfic for a particular reader. Not to be confused with popularity. This item allows you to select the best fanfic in the selected genre and Vendome.
  • Size — the volume of the work. Happen: Maxi, MIDI, mini, tabl.
  • Orientation — the presence and relationship of a romantic or sexual nature.
  • Genre — a scenario of the plot of the fanfic is assumed.
  • Warning — a list of the features of the product that can unpleasant and unacceptable to read some citizens. For example, obscene language, or the death of one of the main characters.
  • Description — a brief announcement of the content of the work, i.e., what it will be discussed.

Additional fields in “cap” fan fiction

in addition, the fanfiction for the TV series, programs, games, books, etc. many authors indicate further information that best introduces readers and potential fans, the story with the story:
  • Beta — who carried out or participated in the editing of the text.
  • Sponsors — if in writing fanfic was attended not one person, but more, they should be included in this paragraph.
  • Characters — the main characters around which to twist the plot.
  • the Comment author to the work — write here are usually the reasons why the work was written, the idea that the author wants to convey, or any other information of a similar nature.
  • Dedication — some authors write fanfiction of their work for friends, acquaintances, thus dedicating the work to them.
  • Publish — allows the author to publish their work to other resources.
  • Gratitude — on some sites, such as “Book of fiction” (or “Picbook), is a function that allows you to mark, to thank a favorite piece, and, respectively, and its author a virtual gift.

what genres are classified fanfiction

Since the fan fiction — an essay written by a fan, it can be represented in different genres and directions.

for Example, action or action — it's fan fiction, which went to work with a dynamic plot, plenty of action, but few descriptions of the relationship of the main and minor characters, no logic puzzles, research.
Another thing is fanfiction of this genre as adventure. They show the brave heroes who are not afraid of change, strongly going in a different journey, a journey. Or fanfiction detectives. In such stories the main characters have to solve a whole bunch of mysteries to seek answers to complex questions, but the reader will have to include logic and a lot of thinking, trying to predict the further development of the storyline.

focus of the fanfiction

What is the focus? And how does it differ from the genre? From the first glance it is very difficult, but in fact nothing complicated. After all, if the genre of fiction — it is a feature of the development of the story, as it develops them, under the category in the description of the fanfic is understood its contents regarding the presence in the story more than romantic or close relationships, and their character.
Based on this, fanfiction is subdivided into the following types:
  • Get — the usual or traditional in a couple, there is romance going on between boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Slash — in the center of the story boys gay.
  • Femslash — girls with nonconventional orientation.
  • Jen — fanfic in which there is no descriptions even mention of a romantic or closer relations.

What is Canon and nekanon

so, above we have carefully analyzed what it is — fiction. However, when choosing or discussing any fanfic with friends, acquaintances, you can hear a phrase like “the content does not match the Canon” or, on the contrary, corresponds to. What does it mean?
to answer the question formed in the title of the current item, we should remember the native language. In particular, the interpretation of such words as “Canon”. After all, it can be heard not only in the case when it comes to fan fiction, but also in conversations on other topics. If the value of this noun recall fails, refer to the Russian explanatory dictionary.
And then we find out that the word “Canon” of Greek origin, it means something historically, unbreakable, traditional and not subject to change.
in the description of the fanfic the term “Canon” is used as the compliance evaluation of the plot of this Amateur works the original on which it was written. That is, if the book about Harry Potter Ron and the boy who lived, — friends, the description of their hostility against each other is not Canon, and Vice versa.

Amateur work, the opposite of fanfic

in Addition to the fan fiction - Amateur works on a variety of topics and options for the development of plots, - on the web you can find other works — originally. It's also written by the authors of the Amateur, but the story is not about heroes famous and original books, movies, games, etc. the Characters presented in them are an invention of the author.
Thus, when writing the original or Orage author uses his life experiences, borrowed stories from friends or invented, samosoznanii. For this reason, any fiction, the story is not a fanfic, but was imagined and described by the author, belongs to the category of originally.

What is the original? For example, one such works

originalov of Genres, as genres of fanfiction. Although especially popular and readable works on the teenage theme, where inexperienced boys and girls learn to experience life, to cope with the abundance of their own problems and get out of all sorts of difficult situations.
One of these fairly well-known and discussed in the network originalov is a story written by a girl named Stace Kramer. The product is called “50 days before my suicide”. This original is the debut of the young writer Nastya Holloway - even printed and managed to win the love of fans not only online but also in reality.
the Story of Orage swirls around a sixteen year old girl, Gloria, who suddenly realizes that he can not cope with all their problems and give yourself fifty days in order to play with its fate in an interesting game and evaluate whether to continue with her life.

Where to find the fanfics and originali

Almost all of the pieces of these categories to find on the shelves in bookstores. They — “children” the Internet. And that is where they should look. However, in order to not just read with difficulty found text, and get pleasure from the process, you must select a decent website.
it is Worth noting that the most popular resource for fans of fanfiction is a site which is called “Book of fiction” or “Facbook», as called by his fans.
So readers of this article wishing to find out more on the fanfiction, you should go to him.

How to choose the best fanfic

Previously, we examined in detail the issue and figured out how to navigate in the abundance of fanfiction. Now, however, faced a different problem - how to determine the best of them. Actually the answer is quite simple. The reader should pay attention to such characteristics as the assessment of other fanfic readers, number of comments, feedback and appreciation.

in addition, the fanfiction, which was recognized as independent works, out of print, can also be recommended reading.
for Example, already mentioned in the beginning of the article trilogy about Draco Malfoy. It reveals the character of the blond opponent of Harry Potter, and talks about his relationship with Hermione.