The painting "Hunting" for fans of animalism

Hunting – lesson serious. It requires endurance, ingenuity, courage, if we are talking about a large beast, and skills. However, the Russian man even puts on her funny stories. Went to the tundra is a geologist with the Chukchi bear. The Chukchi found the den, he thrust his pole and back-trackin. Enraged and embittered, the bear came directly into the hunters. Chuckcha has said to her companion: “get”. They ran, and the bear after them. A geologist came to my senses and think: “the Gun I have”. Turned around and killed the bear. Like the Chukchi and says: “you're a Good hunter, but stupid. To the Parking lot as we now will drag?”. It is a literary, comic picture – “Hunting”. And how many of them wrote animalists!

the Real picture: the hunt

bear hunting in winter and autumn. It two different ways. When winter will be over in the second half, the hunters with the huskies looking for his lair and get up close to the exit of the den. Then the dogs bark at the den, causing the bear to stand. If the animal is not raised, then one of the hunters puts it into a long pole. To bear when the output did not show swiftness, its all left branches.
it looks like a winter picture. Hunting for potapych in the fall, in early September, is different. At sunset, he likes to regularly feed in oats-only fields. A few good huskies, finding prey, stopping it to the hunter. The hunter goes and shoots the bear under the shoulder blade, chest, or ear. In the forehead to shoot is not recommended, as the bullet may ricochet to rebound.
This is a brief introduction to the autumn picture. Hunting-fun, which then causes a lot of short stories, as each case is unique.

As bear hunting reflect the animals

once in Europe was infested with bears. Paul de Vos painted "Hunting bears."

a Pack of maddened dogs from all sides attacked the prey. But the bears don't give up. They are struggling for life. In the foreground lie dead or crippled dogs. However, this does not deter the rest. They violently attack the bears, trying to grab at the withers or throat.

Russian animalists

you modern work. This is a picture of “bear Hunting”. The author Sergei Volkov.

Laika kicked out of the den of an angry bear. Powerful beast four times greater than dogs, but she isn't afraid. Full of excitement, proudly raising his tail, the dog confronts the mighty enemy. With one swipe of his massive paws – and the dog will come to an end. But Laika – smart and nimble creature. It is not easy to fool. She dodges from the enemy and will lead directly to the shelter, where he waits for the hunter.
Another picture of the “bear Hunting” performed by the woman who wrote it So Jancurova.

there are two dogs. Husky with rage bark at a bear and forced to go on a particular direction. They drive it right at the hunter, which is not shown, and try not to fall under its powerful legs.

Traditional Russian hunting

Painting “bear Hunting in winter’ author – S. G. Perov (1879). Hunting takes place in the suburbs of Moscow in the Kuzminki in the South-East. Now it is Moscow's largest district, with a population of about 18 thousand people, and it is part of the Kuzminki Park.
In the days of V. Perov, there was apparently dense forest. To have written this canvas, the artist is far and travel is not required. Her full name says about the proximity of the town from Moscow. It is called “Kuzminki near Moscow. Bear hunting in winter”. It is difficult to imagine that near the ancient capital it was possible to meet bears. Kuzminki in those days was deaf bear corner. Then this forest was the glorious abundance of game and fish. For the night the hunters stayed in the manor Golitsyn. There rent rooms to vacationers, businessmen, or cultural activists. I have been there and in the future.

as shown in the picture

the Dark of early nightfall, everything was shrouded in mist. The area is dark, deserted. In the background the snow-covered century-old trees.

dog found the den. She stopped next to her, tail between his legs, which means she senses danger. Two hunters are close by. One is holding a gun at the ready. He stands a few steps from the den. There is speculation that this is a self portrait by V. Perov.
Near cooked spear. The second stick trying to stir the sleeping beast and cause to get him out. One can only imagine the rage of an awakened bear. This feeling is well transferred on the canvas.
Hunters well-experienced people. They are ready to attack. The picture “bear Hunting in winter” written for the journal "Nature and hunting" by L. P. Sabaneev. It is part of the hunting cycle of genre paintings by V. Perov. Exhibited a painting rare.