The concept of "art". The types and genres of art. The purpose of art

the Concept of “art” known to everyone. It surrounds us throughout life. Art plays a big role in the development of mankind. It appeared long before the creation of writing. In this article, you can learn about the role and tasks.

What is art? General information

the Concept of “art” quite versatile. Usually it means a human activity that can satisfy one's spiritual need, namely the love of beauty. Art is a special form of social consciousness. It is an artistic reflection of human life. Thanks to him you can find out how people lived in different time period.
first author who discovered the concept of “art”, was Charles bath. He created a treatise, in which classified this branch of human activity. His book “fine arts reduced to a single principle” was published in 1746. Charles Bata believes that they can be identified by several criteria. The author believes that art is fun, and it also has a spiritual, not bodily in nature.
Concept of “art” includes art, music, poetry, architecture and more, what we face daily. Any kind of artistic activity is characterized by certain positive qualities. Each art has a special way of reproduction of reality and artistic tasks. All kinds of artistic activities are divided into genera, and genres.[br]the art is Usually divided into three groups:
  • tonic (music and poetry);
  • shaped (architecture, painting and sculpture);
  • mixed (dance, acting, oratory, etc.).
There are various kinds of art.
  • spatial, which is revealed through the creation of a visible image (sculpture, architecture);
  • temporary, where importance is unfolding in real time composition (poetry, music);
  • spatial-temporal - spectacular art (circus performance, cinema, choreography).


graphic Arts is a type of which involves painting and print graphics images (engraving, dinotopia, etc.). Her expressive means - the contour, the stroke, background and spot. It is known that this is the most popular kind of art. In terms of content and form of a graph has much in common with painting.
Engraving is a form of graphics in which the picture is printed print. It is applied to a special engraver. Engraving can be depicted in metal, wood and linoleum.
Another popular kind of graphics - lithography. It special method of flat printing in which the printed form is the surface of the stone. This art form was invented in 1798. The image on the stone is applied using a special mascara or pencil.
graphic Art - the most ancient of all. The first image has existed since the Neolithic and bronze age. Our ancestors scratched picture on the walls of caves and rocks. After some time the image is put on weapons and household items. Once there was writing, graphics used for making letters, books and certificates.
Ways to copy drawings for many years was unknown. That's why all the images were created in a single copy. It is no secret that today such drawings are in demand among collectors.
In the middle of the 20th century, specialists began to develop the technique of black-and-white graphics. It was created more than 20 variants graphics textures. Was published training manuals. Today graphics is a leader in the arts.


Bento is an unusual skill for children and adults. It is no secret that many parents do not know how to teach your child to healthy eating. Today on counters of shops there is a wide range of harmful and even dangerous food. The can help a new kind of art - Bento. It appeared in China. This term the Chinese call food that they are Packed in special boxes and take with them to school or work. Bento is a work of art that you can eat. Talented Housewives and cooks create food figurines and small paintings. The main difference between this food is the balance and presence of a large number of vitamins. The Chinese have created edible works of art only from wholesome food.
Bento is an art for children and adults, through which children would be happy to use healthy products. It is still not so popular, but we already know a few artists who have mastered this technique.

the Impact of art on the mind and life of a child. How to explain contemporary works of art activities?

Art plays an important role in a child's life and development of his personality. Today absolutely everyone needs to have at least a basic knowledge about a particular area of activity. The society is developing rapidly, so every person needs to be multifaceted. Many modern parents are trying to instill in the child a love for art. For this purpose a considerable number of educational methods that can be used from the first months of a child's life.
concept of the arts the child receives at school. Usually parents, teachers and educators pay a lot of attention to writing, reading, numeracy and other subjects, which is the responsibility of the left hemisphere of the brain. For the development of the right will need to engage in music, dance and other arts. It is important to develop both hemispheres of the brain, in order to become a fully formed person.
by mastering the art of the child:
  • a person;
  • increases the level of intellectual potential;
  • formed moral values;
  • develop the ability of creative thinking;
  • self-confidence and increases self-esteem;
  • develops memory and attention;
  • expanding horizons.
in order to acquaint the child with the art, it is important to first organize the area where will be stored all the materials required for creative activities. You will need to have at home several books on art. From early childhood, the child needs to read them. It is important to discuss all studied. To explore the art will need at least once a month to visit the museums, galleries, theatres and exhibitions. In no case should be disposed of drawings, applique and crafts created by the children. Thanks to them you can see the creative growth of the child. It is also important to record it in the theme circle sessions which will be to his liking.
Some modern art perplexed by not only children but also adults. Often a child does not understand the architecture that was designed by the modernists. It is important to explain to the student that any work of art is an important stage in the development of mankind.
Many issues in children are abstract paintings. There are a considerable number of special editions through which parents can show the child how hard it is to create such a work of art. One of them is “Kandinsky Himself”.
Often children interested in is it possible to compare modern and primitive art. This and more you can find out in our article.

art. History of its development in Russia

a large number of different types of art. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages. What fine art is, almost everyone knows. Him introduce children at an early age.
art is a form of artistic activity, through which the master can use special tools to reproduce the world around us. Its history in Russia is divided into two periods, the boundary which marked the Petrine reforms. Ancient Rus painting was closely linked with the veneration of icons. The icon had its own distinctive artistic style. The purpose of these works of art is to show prayerful recollection and peace in communion with God. This explains the presence icons the presence of some artistic means. Over time, craftsmen have mastered Byzantine style opened the school of icon painting. Most famous work is “Trinity” Andrei Rublev. Icons of the 15th-16th centuries are known for their harmony of colors.
In the 17th century it was popular icons of the “dago harmony of the letter”. They are characterized by the Western elements of painting, namely, oil paints, a similarity cut-off modeling, docnamespace people and nature. Interest in the icon as a work of art emerges only in the 19th century.
Ancient sculpture existed in the form of stone carving and wood. Most often, the artists depicted images of saints. Special attention was paid to the face. In the 18-19 th centuries popular were sculptors and painters from other countries. Some time later, became popular domestic masters.
In the 18th century the most popular is the academic in painting. It is characterized by the rigor of the drawing, a Convention of the flavor and using stories from the Bible and mythology. Thus, gradually, originated the national art.
In the years 1860-1880 open the first gallery, and domestic artists become known worldwide. Gradually there were new directions. Each of them occupied an important place in formation of cultural heritage. In the 18-19 th centuries the mankind not only knew what fine art is, but actively used it.

Topics covered in art

Surprisingly, all the themes and issues that reveal the master in their art works, are relevant for many centuries. The ancient Romans argued that art, unlike human life, forever. This is no coincidence. Topics in the arts illuminate social problems that are often encountered today. That is why they are of immense value to mankind. Wizards often reveal in their works the theme of love, nature and friendship.
Over time, changing directions in art and new masters, but the themes and images remain unchanged. Therefore, any work remains relevant for many years.

Art and its role

the Role of art in society is invaluable. It is based on artistic and imaginative reflection of reality. Art forms, spiritual kind of people, their feelings, thoughts and Outlook. The imaginative recreation of reality creates our personality. Art helps to develop and improve. And learn about the world and himself.
art is a cultural heritage. Thanks to the artistic works you can find out how people lived at one time or another. Recently, a special popularity have different art techniques. Through art you can learn to control yourself. Creating an art object, it is possible to forget about problems and get rid of depression.

Art and its tasks

Maxim Gorky believed that the purpose of art lies in the moral and aesthetic assessment of all significant phenomena. The writer said that you can learn to understand themselves, to fight against vulgarity, to be able to understand people and find something good. Today there are three functions of artistic activity. The tasks of art are to study journalism and education. Masters consider that the function of artistic activity is to bring the beauty in the souls and hearts of the people. Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol claimed that the task of art lies in the depiction of reality.

Modern and primitive art

Many people wonder whether it is possible to compare modern and primitive art. At first glance, it's impossible. But it is not. If you perceive art as way of expression of personality, both modern and primitive located in the same plane. Comparing them, we can understand how to change the perception of the person.
Human thinking became more abstract. This indicates the active development of intelligence. Over time, people have changed priorities and today sees life not as primitive ancestors. Early masters were interested in the appearance of the object and its shape, and now the main role in the works is emotions. This difference has existed since the late 19th century.

Summing up

it is Important from an early age to develop not only the left but also the right hemisphere of the brain. It is necessary to do art. It is particularly important to pay due attention to the creative development of the child. Highly recommend it from the first years of his life. Not everyone understands the role, objectives and types of art. Brief description of the information in this article allows to obtain a basic knowledge of various art fields.