Monochromatic color. The laws of color combinations in different spheres of life.

colors of the world of nature is complete at first glance, hundreds, thousands, and maybe more colors. When they change they change the appearance of clothes, interiors, image. Strangely enough, the color seeming chaos is subordinated to strict laws of combinations. “In fashion again monochrome color” - we read in the journal. What does it mean? Refer to the experts.

Elementary lesson of color

actually, the tint range is not as diverse as it seems at first glance. The entire color palette of colors is tied around the three original primary colors: red, yellow and blue. All the rest – derived from mixing the primary colors in different proportions. By the way, mixing all three primary colors in absolutely equal proportions gives black.
Color combinations obey their own laws, and constitute four main groups.
  • Monochrome colors. Harmonious transitions in different shades of the same color can be diluted with white. (“Mono” is one).
  • Related colors. They merged into one “family” the main color. They also have four subgroups: yellow-red, blue-red, yellow-green and blue-green.
  • Contrast. Sharply divided among themselves, warring and dissimilar. In nature such a combination of red flowers green leaves look appropriate, in the design decisions of their opposite orientation is usually soften "diplomatic" the effect of any unifying neutral color.
  • Rodstvennie-kontrastnye. Color different from “families”, which are in the original basis have a one in common. The palette of colors looks brighter monochrome, but not so antagonistic as contrasts. Example: yellow-red with purple (blue-red).

Monochrome colors in clothing

Monochrome clothing style has nothing to do with the monotonous, gray and boring. Want to look stylish all. Those who doubt his ability to find matching color parts, apparel and accessories, seek to clothe themselves in an all-black, white and gray. Allow yourself only occasionally to dilute the classic bright blouse or scarf? Absolutely nothing. Knowledge of the fundamental laws color wheel allows you to look elegant and, at the same time, discreet and business - like. It is enough to your closet to pick monochrome combination of shades of one color, using small parts of the basic palette. But the classic black and white accents will help to confirm the image corresponding to the point: stricter or softer.

eye makeup

Bright and contrasting colors of the face in the style of “a La the Indians” has long been considered bad form. Where there are fashion trends? To answer this question is to observe the appearance of world stars, present at different kinds of festivals, competitions, meetings for the presentation of the prestigious awards. The appearance created by their designers become brands No. 1. So, the colour makeup of several stars attending the latest ceremony «Golden globe» meets all rules of monochrome. Color makeup for eyes, lips, face, aged in a range of colors.

Monochrome interior

Monochrome the combination of colors one palette in the interior design – a good decision for any room: business office, to a romantic bedroom. Newfangled styles techno, loft or kitsch, which are based on denial of all accepted norms, the combination of incongruous and incompatible Association, tend very soon to exert painful pressure on the psyche. Especially if you live in this area permanently. The forefront suitable for youth gatherings, the living room. Most favorable for comfortable perception, from the point of view of psychology and Feng Shui is the interior, designed in a monochrome palette.

Monochromatic painting

Use colours to create works of art learned long ago. Our grandparents, not knowing science-based rules, creating entire masterpieces on the canvases, embroidering blue flowers on a blue background, or white on white ornament. Monochrome painting is characteristic of painting of Japan and China, the Impressionists, the art of painting on porcelain.
Modern artists too often resort to this color, to emphasize the interrelatedness of everything in nature, your inner feelings.
Black-and-white photographs, graphic images in the art of two colors – this is a slightly different direction, which is called binary image.

Fashion flower beds

In horticultural design bright mixed flower beds, which combined all the riot of colors, persistently replaced with flower beds, kept in the same range. This is not surprising, monochrome color beds enhance the effect of the greenery of the garden area favorite color serves as a place of relaxation, and finally, it looks stylish. A beautiful Sunny spot look yellow flower beds, a garden filled with tenderness vivid composition of red-pink flowers. Shades from pale blue to violet-blue in combination with herbs to soothe irritated psyche. Such compositions look simple, but laborious work. Selection of plants, combined with the color appropriate for one of the soil, abundance of moisture and light, positioning them for growth requires patience and a great love for this work.

Natural monochromes

the Combination from the palette the same color the human eye always perceives calmly as something natural. It is the harmony of nature. Colour gamut the one we see every day, not realizing that the most loyal fan of monochromie the Creator and the universe. As a harmoniously painted the sky in the summer afternoon: blue with white, blue and gray, smooth transitions of shades on the fur coats of animals. And the sea! What shades does not create it per day. Even the hot desert and the harmoniously colored and monochrome.