What color matches the color gold: features, ideas and recommendations

Gold is considered one of the most valuable metals on our planet. It is least subject to oxidation, and its brilliance is almost eternal. Therefore, such a luxury is able to walk to our posterity in its original form.

of Course, gold color can not convey the depth, brilliance and grandeur of the precious metal. However, the Golden hues can give a special charm to clothing, shoes, nails, as well as the interior. But to do that with style and taste, you need to know what color matches the gold color.

Symbols gold color

Gold – the color of the sun, a symbol of radiance, warmth, luxury, beauty, wisdom, experience, victory, triumph. There is a negative side of this shade-it is torment and sadness.
Because the color gold has always been considered a symbol of wealth and material prosperity, so in the past, gold was the prerogative of princes, kings and other members of the nobility. In ancient times the common people had no opportunity to wear clothes and ornaments of gold.
today the situation has changed. Many people like and prefer in everyday life to use the gold shades, whether it is clothes, shoes or jewelry. The main thing is to figure out what color goes with gold to the surrounding things and objects of interior design are a symptom not of bad taste, and wealth and aristocratic nobility.

Gold color in different cultures

In many cultures, a popular concept is “Golden age”. Speaking of this, mean freedom from worries and hardship, lawlessness, and not burdened with work life.
expressions Such as Golden years, Golden mean, Golden rule, talking about the perfect ideal and untouchable truth.
on the other hand – there is the expression ‘Golden generation”, which embodies the essence of the negative, affecting a flippant behavior, permissiveness attitude towards others and life.

What color goes well with gold in clothes

Most of the gold clothing item in the wardrobe of stylish sophisticated men. The outfits of this color say that their owner is a strong man who fears nothing. Mostly clothing Golden shades choose women, men go with this color is much rarer.

for More gorgeous things of gold shades look in later in the day. A day in the sun this color looks inappropriate. Golden ornaments are the perfect choices for celebrations, parties and discos.
Expressive of a bold personality can afford to wear pure gold suit. But for most people preferable to remain in various combinations with other shades. Stylish people are asking the question: “what color matches the gold color?” Here all is very simple: a classic will always be the best choice. An exemplary embodiment is a combination of blue and gold shades. Looks spectacular top Indigo and gold bottom. Gold can also be a subsidiary color a Shoe or handbag.

look great combination with gold aquamarine olive and turquoise. They will make the figure more expressive, and the image – feminine and romantic.
gold unfortunate combination of beige and white. The Golden glow in this case will be like “subdued”. Therefore, such combinations are better to avoid.

What color goes well with gold in the interior

first and foremost, the Golden color – it is an ancient symbol of wealth. Association with luxury and wealth impose a taboo on a Golden color in the interior. The abundance of gold makes the room too pompous and gives the impression that the owner loves to brag. Therefore, we can conclude that the main rule applying the Golden hues in the interior is moderation.
best option is the use of gold as decoration handles, mirrors, paintings, etc. Common steel furniture with gold leaf. But in this case it is necessary to look not to the bright Golden shades, and to a more muted, aged and faded shades.

Because of the Golden color perfectly reflects light and visually enlarges the room, it can successfully make the rooms with a small area.
Often Golden shades used to decorate living rooms, hallways and bedrooms, but I need to know what color matched the Golden color. Your choice is to stop at warm colors like sand, olive, beige, brown (chocolate), orange or purple. Will look fashionable combination of blue, turquoise or black.

Golden color: what color goes well, nails gold color

Golden manicure are always fashionable, timely and appropriate. It can often be seen on the runway of famous designers and nails of many celebrities. Golden manicure – ideal for special events or an evening out.
True luxury is the combination of black and gold. It is black color is able to emphasize the solemnity and charm of gold. An exquisite combination will always attract admiring glances.

No less impressive is the combination of gold with red color. Gold in this case being used very often dust, sequins and beads. More strictly looks like the combination of white gold, it is often performed in a French manicure. To perform a luxury manicure is not so difficult, the main thing-to know what color matched the Golden color is best.

Interesting facts about gold color

  • a Computer monitor can't realistically display Golden hues, because the colors are mechanisms that would be able to transfer metallic.
  • In Christianity, the Golden color – this is the fourth state of the soul after black, white and red. It symbolizes a divine revelation.
Feng Shui gold color, and yellow symbolizes joy, happiness and Sunny mood. Is the gold enhances the flow of eternal power, attract prosperity and good fortune. Just need to know what color goes well with gold, and where to place Golden statues that bring prosperity to the house.