American artist mark Ryden – the Creator of the strange products

This American masters is considered the king of pop surrealism, and critics call him Tim Burton painting. Artist mark Ryden who draws his inspiration from the book illustrations and good music, loves the works of Carroll, and he was very flattered by the comparison of its characters with the fairy tales about Alice.

Real master

mark Ryden, born in 1963 in Oregon, from early childhood knew it would be to paint pictures. He goes to a prestigious College of art and design and after graduating, having his solo exhibition works. In the 90-ies of the last century, when painters advocated a return to the forgotten origins of art, Ryden invents a technique characterized by craftsmanship and provocative content.

Now he works in Los Angeles, in his Studio, which was organized jointly with the wife working in the same technology. Its collection includes more than one hundred oil paintings, and watercolor sketches.

Custom style

One of the most popular artists of today have created their own style, combining pop culture with the techniques of other artists. Pictures in which blurred the boundaries between high and low art, has always attracted the attention of the audience, and the extraordinary work has acquired a loyal following around the world. No wonder his gloomy paintings successfully exhibited in galleries.

Imagination and the deceptive innocence

what does mark Ryden, can be described as a strange mix of creepy-cute images, alluding to the deep things under the guise of kitsch. The artist is incredibly proud of the fact that breathed life into a beautiful picture. And his main force he calls the imagination and often recalls his childhood, when the dream was very easy.

In his paintings there is no bright light and crisp shadows, and pastel colors accentuate the tenderness alphabranch characters. However exaggerated innocence cute girls only entices the viewer, unaware of the dark side of cute characters.

Distancing from his characters

“My work – it is a product of my time», – says mark Ryden. Pictures in which the virgin characters are outside the borders of good and evil, deceptive and too provocative, but that is why they are not kitsch, but a true work of modern art. It should be noted that the artist has good system of allusions that provoke the boundless imagination wise life experience of the viewer. While Raiden distanciruemsa from their depicted characters, and this makes his paintings are iconic for fans.

Monkey that creates masterpieces

mark Ryden shocking the audience, stating that he is a coming to him, the monkey creates a frightening and alluring magical world. Supposedly it works in complete silence under the cover of night, and it only helps to make everything that came to light a new image. And if you think too much, then nothing happens, so the artist disables logical thinking and releases dormant feelings.

When this happens on an unconscious level, everything works, and every evening the author of the magical monkey, takes paints and works with it.

Allegorical symbols

Revealing the inner world of big-eyed girls and strange animals, mark Ryden like that opens up the door to the audience in a secret life. His paintings are full of deep symbolism, alchemical, and even religious characters, and anyone who closely looks at the works of American, offers another reality, where there is a place for imagination and the ability to be surprised.
Allegorical images, which are difficult for many to understand, baffle the astonished spectator who starts to search for meaning in a fictional character Raiden. And the artist sees his task in that audience looked at the works through the eyes of the author, and felt peace as he feels the Creator.

Frame as a mediator between two worlds

Author's message manifests itself in an extraordinary design creations: for each picture, which is exhibited in the world's galleries, Raiden picks up the frame and even makes them himself. Master believes that it's not just the framing of his works, and the medium separating the imaginary from the real world.

mark Ryden, whose biography is – this is a story about the formation of the creative person, able to combine elegance and kitsch. He earned a reputation as an able artist of America. Raiden balances, without crossing the fine line, and does for himself and not for the audience, believing that intentionally go on about the audience it is very dangerous.