Master-class "How to draw a potato"

for Those who want to learn to draw, you need to start with the easiest lessons. For example, how to draw a potato. Article will help you cope with this task.

where to start

to understand how to draw potato, you need to remember how she vysledit which has a shape and a color, a texture. The easiest way to put the tuber in front of him and look at him while working to better display on paper.
Generally, the task is one of the easiest, because to draw a potato is very simple. Even a novice artist with no experience easy to deal with this in just four steps.
To work pleasure need to stock up a minimum dialled for drawing with pencil:
  • a sheet of white paper, better sernosti, not smooth;
  • a few pencils of different softness (M, TM, TM-2, etc.);
  • soft eraser.

Step one

If you want to learn how to draw a potato, then this master class is for you. First you need to draw on paper a simple circle. You can do this by hand or use a template, such as a pencil to circle on the paper bottom of the Cup.

Step two

Now we need to transform the circle to an irregularly-shaped oval, as shown in the figure above. For this round you need to lengthen the top and bottom, and the lines should be uneven, to show the actual shape of the tuber.

third Step

Next step - detailing of surface textures. Sounds complicated but is very easy to draw with a pencil inside the oval - the future of the tuber - a few short strokes, spots and arcs of different length and points.

the fourth Step, the final

Proceed to the final step of our master-class "How to draw a potato". At this stage the eraser to carefully remove all the construction lines, pencil well to restore the main lines, making them bright and clear. The circuit to draw thicker, and the inner structure so as to reflect a weaker push. If done correctly, your image will be similar to the example in this lesson. If desired, the picture can be painted.
Now you know how to draw a potato with a pencil in stages.

Some tips

If you really want to learn to draw beautifully, then you need to give this every day.
Start with the easiest, for example, of the figure of a potato, bow, flower.
feel confident, complicate the task. Move away from the technology "step by Step", practice to draw from.