Paper sculpture from Calvin Nicholls is striking in its realism

What do you see when you look at a blank sheet of paper? Evidence? The unevenness? Lifelessness? Wilderness – that sees the white sheet known canadian artist Calvin Nichols. He embodies the ideas into life, creating paper incredibly complex three-dimensional images of animals. Calvin has perfected all the little details, right down to the feathers and hair. Therefore, his work look very natural. The artist demonstrates that skillful hands can turn plain white sheets into adorable Panda bears, noble eagles, great bears, foxes and careful of the majestic tropical birds. Nicholls ' sculptures so realistic that it seems as if they are about to come to life.

manufacturing Process

Paper zoo Calvin is an exquisite bridge between two artistic universes – a two-dimensional flat and three-dimensional. And the paper – “plaster” for his masterpieces. Nichols carefully cut it with scissors and scalpels. Then he glues tiny pieces with each other. In sculpture this combination of two-dimensional fine art and three-dimensional shapes called high-relief. When work is completed, it is very important to set the right illumination pattern to accentuate slim shape and fine texture. A simple sculpture created by John Calvin in a month. However, in complicated masterpieces at Nichols takes about two years.