What goes the color purple: interesting ideas and recommendations

For more than one season different shades of purple colors never go out of fashion in dress and interior decoration. Some experts even say that this color may become a real symbol of the 21st century. What is the reason of such popularity? The complexity and particular expression of purple. It can be restrained, bright, mysterious, sexy. But what to pair the purple color? The answer to this question is not always simple, this color requires color scent and boldness in the solutions. Will talk about how to combine purple in the interior and clothing and how to find unusual combinations.


to understand what goes the color purple need to define its specificity. He refers to complex colors, depending on the shade it can belong to the group of flowers in the second or third order. Purple is obtained by mixing red and blue. For a dark intense tones can be added a drop of black, which complicates the color to the third level. Purple is respectfully shades and is the shortest monochromatic cure.
this leads to the complexity of the selection of harmonious combinations and the complexity of the human eye. Purple, depending on the prevailing tone may be closer to red or blue, but in any case it is believed that it belongs to the cold color group. Such complexity of color leads not only to difficulties of integration, but also to problems with the naming of colors and their perception by a person. Often, people who are not related to colors, hard to distinguish the shades of this color.

Names and shades of purple

the Question is, what color matches dark purple or light purple, has a different answers. Because this color has many variations. In English there are two words to describe this palette: purple and violet. In the Russian language there are also several traditional names for different shades of purple. Artists believe that this color differs from purple and lilac colors, but ordinary performance often do not capture color nuances, we call it purple.
In attempts to define the difference of the tones of purple was introduced names such as amaranth, violet, aubergine, plum, fuckiny, Magenta, Orchid, lavender, lilac, heliotropine, amethyst. And such gradation as light and dark violet, red-violet blue-purple. All this verbal diversity is still unable to encompass the infinite variety of nuances of this color.

Principles of combination

Often, people wonder what colors match with purple in the interior. To answer this question we need to understand that there are combinations on the principle of direct contrast, there is an adjacent pair, is complementary combinations (i.e., indirect contrast). Also for preparation of color pairs you need to consider the intensity and warmth of the shades. In addition, there are combinations of accent type when a single color such as purple is the only bright detail on a neutral background, and monochromatic compositions, when combined with different intensity and shades of the same palette.

Symbolism purple

This sophisticated color is as difficult symbolism. In European culture for many centuries purple has been the symbol of the Catholic Church. He was also the color of grief, mourning and widowhood. This was due to the fact that the purple color was attributed to deep mystical experiences. It is associated with mystery, self-knowledge, deep feelings. In contemporary culture purple – a symbol of creativity, harmony and balance. It has on the human psyche a dual action: stimulates and soothes at the same time. Purple is now considered a symbol of freedom, sexiness, inspiration.

a Purple color in the interior

ordinary people believe that purple interior is too heavy and expressive. But the designers tell you that here it's all in the proportions and shades. For Sunny rooms-it is possible to decide on the design of the walls in this color and in other cases it is possible to apply the color only in the details. So what colors match with purple in the interior? Primarily white. This pair creates a graphic front combination, which is suitable for the living room and kitchen.
Second harmonic "partner" is a purple gray. Such combinations look very soft, the main thing - to find the balance of warmth and intensity. More vivid and unusual combination of expressive violet pistachio, light turquoise or lemon suitable for the decoration of bedroom, canteens, public areas. In such pairs, it is important that one color was razbelennye, pastel, so there was not much eye strain.

Purple clothing

fashionable women often wonder what to pair the purple color in clothes. This expressive color requires careful selection of the "companions," their choice is determined by the tasks set. If there is a need to stand out, it is safe to combine violet with yellow, orange, turquoise. If you want a neutral look, you should look to blue, gray, beige as basic color, and purple make accessories or one thing set. For example, camel pants and top are beautifully enhanced with a purple jacket. A bright blouse or scarf violet color will be the perfect complement to jeans. But purple total-Luke – the selection of only the most daring ladies, as dramatic combination of purple with black or red.

Bright mix

If you decide to collect bright set for indoors or clothes, it is worth considering what goes purple. color wheel contrast and complementary to it will be shades of orange, yellow and green. When creating pairs, you need to balance the shades for the warmth to come out clean combination. Also brightness and expressiveness purple will give a white color. Violet looks great with turquoise and bright emerald.

Harmony and moderation

When a task is to create a neutral set, the question of what to pair the purple color becomes more complicated. To dim the brightness of the purple, but do not reduce its expressiveness is with the help of such shades like camel, mustard, the color of the denim. The classic was a pair of violet and steel gray hue. Very strictly looks black with purple details. Strictly and festive looks white with amethyst accents.

Unexpected solutions

In search of unusual combinations, you should remember about rules of balance of heat and the intensity of the colors-"companions". Besides the above mentioned, the usual colour are "partners" shades of purple combined with such colors as coral, warm yellow-orange, Apple-green, blue. There are many options, purple gives you plenty of room for experimentation. Paired combination to collect is relatively easy, but the palette of three to four shades to collect and harmonize is incredibly difficult. As in this case it is necessary to consider many nuances. For example, lilac background in a room can be skillfully dilute white or gray and lighten with green or yellow details.

General guidelines

most Often only experienced by to answer the question of what to pair the purple color. The recommendations designers is focused on the action. Do not abuse this color, as it evokes quite strong emotions. Experts advise not to combine purple with grey, so how is it too depressing combination. Caution should combine red and purple, as this straightforward contrast might look rough and challenging. But in any case it is a matter of taste and sense of proportion.