Julia bell is a modern storyteller

Julia bell, as we all are, living in a world where everything is mundane and nothing happens out of the ordinary. Is it because she drew her creative forces on the modern fairy tale-fantasy? Books, games, paintings fantasy evoke romantic feelings, allowing you to place them in a bright, full of adventure world. In this modern fairy tale and myth are heroes to us, which is so lacking in everyday life.

Julia bell: a biography

Julia was born in beaumont (Texas) in 1958. A rather big city with a large population density. It is located near deposits of oil reservoirs. In this well-developed shipbuilding industry. Maybe only the river and the court allowed the child to escape a dream away from modern skyscrapers and beating in the ears of advertising. She went into the world of drawing and photography. Julia bell studied painting at 6 colleges and universities. She apparently was looking for something. A young woman is married to writer Donald Palumbo. His book, sexual and erotic, it intrigued her. In marriage were born two sons, Anthony and David, who later became artists. But once and for all Julie's life changed when she met in 1989, artists from Peru, Boris Vallejo.

Julia bell became first his model, then pupil, and after a divorce in 1994 – wife. Model it was not by accident. She had a cast pumped the woman's body, which is engaged in bodybuilding. This is required in order to become a model not for the delicate fairies or nymphs, but determined Amazon. The artist painted her portraits on calendars where it appears in different images. But her flexible body is always great, as Julia in the current day in yoga, which creates an aesthetically different way. Not a powerful, muscular and die-cast and plastic, full of grace and nobility. And this despite the fact that she had stepped over the fifth decade.


since 1990, Julia bell drew more than one hundred fantasy (illustrations and covers), including sci-Fi books and magazines. In the early ' 90s, the artist is an explosion of imagination, and she draws the covers for video games. Image their characters are sold with an incredible speed. First was the fictional characters of the company “marvel’, which operated in the reality that was known as the "marvel universe”.

Julia first wrote Conan the barbarian to comics (later in the game he's significantly changed). In this universe of space reflect the real cities such as new York. Its a video game show semi-barbaric world on the “wild land” (e.g., ‘the Legend of the Golden axe"). In this game the forces of darkness kidnapped the Golden axe, the king and his daughter. The problem is reduced to their release.

Perception of fantasy

Unconscious and unrealized internal desire is converted depending on the talent of the author's own personal experience, which complement and imagination. Narrative, where there are flashy paintings fantasy, kindle in the reader or player excitement. The reader and the audience of fairy tales, especially if it's a girl or a woman, can get patron and Prince, which she is so lacking in reality. Adventure lovers also respond to fantasy, as in life they do not have storms and adventures. Looking at the screen, the man charged with positive emotions, especially since there are perfectly handsome and courageous heroes.

At the same time cause admiration by both men and beautiful girls, as they are full of friendship and heroism. Photo-fitting metal armor sitting on a shining to the blonde like a second skin. No one would have refused to be, or to fight for a girl because people associate themselves with a knight or a Princess. The characters, save himself, to show that heroism which is lacking in everyday life. And all this happens in the marvelous beauty of the interiors.

a Duo of two artists

some time Boris Vallejo and Julia bell ceased to split up as the authors. Together they made a promotional picture for such elite companies as “Coca Cola”, «Nike», «Toyota». Julia bell pictures writes with astounding technical realism. Also there is the talent and great art. She's a beautiful girl-warrior, space cowboy tames a metal monster. All is set against a desert of red-hot rocks and hot blue cloudless sky, covered by sandy haze. Metal, as always in her paintings, plastic-like leather and mirror Shine. This distinctive invention of the artist which are her paintings.

Before you the portrait of another hero, impressively bright.


an Extremely realistic style of Julie bell carries the viewer a powerful erotic sensual message. It emphasizes a very strong flavor, built on a combination of contrasts: black, scarlet, gold, pink, turquoise. Pastel shades are rarely used. All drawings are done from photos. Julia immediately implemented the ability for creative imagination and imagination. So there are fantasy and surreal paintings. Living nature is rarely used.
a Bright star in the world of painting fantasy, Julia bell continues to delight his fans with new works.