Primitivism in painting: children's fantasy in the adult performance

the Style of primitivism in painting has found wide application. First and foremost representatives of this trend were self-taught artist who did not have sufficient professional skills, but sought to prove themselves and their vision of the world. Like any other innovation, primitivism caused a great publicity. Artists who sought glory for many years after training, was unhappy with the new direction of painting, which didn't take away from the creators of the half-life on the grinding artistic skills. However, most art historians are simple masterpieces like, and the primitivism still took his place in a huge variety of styles.


Primitivism in painting is characterized by the simplification of the images: the artists distort the world, making the pattern more similar to normal children's drawings. However, the changes are intentional: through the illusion of simplicity and carelessness can be seen the deeper meaning of the work. As in all other art styles primitivism important details – they carry the main semantic load.

Art Brut

Art Brut – an important sector of primitivism. A synonym definition is the term "outsider art." Products of this industry represent the world mentally ill or freaks, which once withdrew from society and plunged into a special reality. An important feature of art-Brut is considered to be a complete lack of clear boundaries between the fantasies of the artist and real life. Lots of small parts makes me think about the thoughtlessness of life and the futile haste of the modern world – one of the most common messages copyright art-Brut.

View that for the naivety of the images is not hidden, no idea, wrong. Primitivism in painting artists do not saturate the surroundings, but an internal state of mind. It can be seen only after careful consideration and analysis of the depicted items – a cursory review is inappropriate here.

How to learn to correctly identify primitivism in painting

Primitivism does not exist without naivety and spontaneous inspiration of the author. The person who first meets with similar stories, experiences the feeling similar to nostalgia. Children's vision of the world is romanesti proportions, bright colors, deep moral implications. Man in the primitive more like a doll than a real character - it adds to his mystique.

Ability to pay attention to detail and to interpret them correctly – a real talent. When defining the artistic style, it will not be superfluous. Learn how to understand artist can own. For that, you should remember a few important criteria, noting which distinguish the works of primitivism from surrealism to be easy.
first, pure color. The abundance of tones and semitones, chiaroscuro, depth of field – this is not primitivism. In the naive-art used pure colors pastel or, on the contrary, too bright colors. Second, the broken ratio. If the pattern resembles a stylized illustration to a fantastic book, then, is primitive. Thirdly, the mixing of reality with fantasy ideas – primitivism in painting connects the serene landscape and too flashy colors, and incredible human beings.

Notable representatives of the style of primitivism

Not only abstract and surrealist painting full of modern. Primitivism opened the way for many talented creators whose work had not previously been recognized. Among them, Grandma Moses, Henri Rousseau, Niko Pirosmani, Maria Primachenko, Alain Aserna and many others. Paintings by the most famous artists of the primitives are kept in the Museum of naive art in nice.

World of childhood

Primitivism in painting occupies a special place. Primarily this is due to the unique ability of artists to submerge ourselves into the world of carelessness, innocence or spiritual purity. Despite the lack of many primitivists art education, painting is filled with that, which is lacking in most other areas: mood. Art lovers understand and appreciate it, that's why it works in the genre of primitivism are so popular.