The paper is a regular paper in unusual light

the Paper – it's a tight paper white. Is a product of the highest grade, with a surface sizing no texture. Type of paper – drawing paper suitable for pencil drawings or watercolors. This paper is perfect for sketching, since it is highly resistant to abrasion.

In post-Soviet countries the standard format - A1 drawing paper (size 594 x 841 mm). The so-called sheet format A1 that is not quite right. After all, the paper – this is a special technology of papermaking, named after its inventor. Abroad this paper is called vellum, from it produce sketchbooks and forms for valuable documents.

History appearance

to Produce the paper started in England in the 18th century (mid-1750s). The inventor of this type of paper can be called James Watman (James Whatman). Paper could well be called “women”, but due to the specifics of transliteration of English names in Cyrillic were born well-known name.

Mr. Watman has been tanned skin, but the desire to get rich has led to the discovery in 1733 own paper production. He set out to produce the best paper in Europe, which helped the skilled craftsmen of Britain, who worked in his factory. Unlike competitors, the factory Watman paper was produced from linen and hemp rags, with the result that the pulp came out more clean than wood.
first Artists appreciated the high quality of products, Wamena – the trace of the pencil perfectly visible, and watercolor perfectly lay on a dense basis. Watman no competitors 30 years his paper has become known outside the UK, it became widely used for printing books. The first book printed on wove paper – is a collection of works of Virgil, and the most famous - Bible dated 1763 year.
He Women his invention called “woven” or “vellum" of the paper due to the fact that the smooth structure of the sheet is comparable with the finest fabric. Distinguished paper whiteness and durability and, unlike paper other factories, no traces of mold.
After the death of James Watman the company was inherited by his son, already the products of the factory became known as utmanzai paper or just paper. The company Watman exists currently, except that it produces medical equipment.

paper formats

the format of the paper – it is a kind of template of a certain size adopted as standard. The international community has adopted the ISO standard, which is the division of a series And – for documents – for printing, With – for envelopes. In the standard ISO formats, which has values from 0 to 10, each size is twice smaller than the previous one.

Paper produced in the post-Soviet countries may be in the format from A1 to A4. Thus, the A1 format is used for professional design and prototyping, A2 popular among students that in this size pass and graduate coursework, A3 was chosen by the artists, A4 – the most convenient for children who are just starting to learn to draw.

drawing Paper at home

Based on the maximum format A0 which has an area of 1 square meter, by dividing in half easy get the right size. So, drawing paper A1 obtained by dividing A0 by 2. It is noteworthy that the system works in the opposite direction: A1 can be obtained by joining together 8 sheets of A4 paper. In this way, the question is how to make paper at home.

Outside of the drawing and painting

Historically, the paper (format A1 as defined above) has become the preferred paper is not only for people in technical professions, but also to implement all sorts of creative ideas. On paper produced wall Newspapers, posters were painted on weddings and anniversaries, New year and various commemorative events.

Paper and present

With the development of modern technology, the paper has not lost its relevance. Use it to do a popular, but previously unknown things: backgrounds for pictures, cards jelani posters gifts.
depending on the aim pursued, the question of how to decorate the drawing paper, is solved in different ways. If you need potion, no additional decoration is not needed. White paper perfectly emphasizes the texture of objects placed on the drawing paper. Popular among girls. Board visualization on this leaf are drawn simply on paper, pasted clippings from magazines or pictures printed from the Internet that represent the desired object (for example, fancy shoes, a car, a place where you want to go).
With the help of Whatman's easy to make an original gift - a poster with sweets (chocolate bars, sweets or chewing gum are individually wrapped). The white background in this case it is possible to decorate, to write greetings to the recipient and with the help of double-sided tape to stick your favourite sweets. It is important to choose small packaging to the Scotch coped with the load.