How to draw an umbrella. Master classes for emerging artists

the Question of how to draw an umbrella can arise to people of any age. After all, the ability to represent objects is always useful in life.

Practical application of drawing skills umbrella for decoration of walls

Today, many refuse to papering the walls of Wallpaper. It is often this way of finishing the interior might lead in dwelling insects. Yes, and the repairs have to do more than in the rooms where the walls are covered with whitewash.

But in the nursery, for example, simply whitewash the walls would be boring. You can easily make the design fun and bright if you know how to draw an umbrella. You need only make a paper stencil. Adding a wash of gouache, you can get any colors and shades. That's really will turn out great, not like the other room for the baby!

drawing Lessons for the little ones

the kindergarten is also possible to carry out activity on which to show the kids how to draw an umbrella. Best picture it is recommended to use for manufacturing tablets on the lockers in the locker room. Umbrella just glued to a cardboard circle and cover with lacquer or liquid glass – normal office glue.

kids Can use their skills to design postcards. To congratulate your relatives because you can not only birthday or New year, but with the onset of autumn, with mushroom rain, with the beginning of holiday. We need to teach kids to see the beauty in everything and to give joy to loved ones even when there is no apparent reason for this.

Master class «How to draw a umbrella for stencil”

this job can be done by even someone who has no artistic talent. Just need to take a master class showing how to draw an umbrella with a pencil in stages.

on the First sheet draw a half-oval.

Then the bottom ends of the arc connect. Here also use an arc of semi-circle, but put it in a thin line. This additional construction, which is then removed.

From the middle of the upper arc draw slightly concave and convex arc down to the bottom line.

Additional build clean using the eraser.

Seamlessly connect the ends of arcs are omitted from the middle of the top line. To do this, again use a concave arc.

At the top, in the center, erasing a small area. Here again it is necessary to draw a small concave arc.

Now draw up “pimpochku" umbrella. It can be any shape, as desired by the wizard.

Bottom draw two vertical parallel lines to handle.

Next pririsovyvat handle itself. It can be curved or have the shape of a rectangle, trapezoid.
it Remains only to color the image. The drawing is ready!

Master class drawing umbrella pencil with the application of a hatching

This way the images of objects is more difficult. Therefore, it is recommended to use those who are already familiar with the basics of drawing in pencil. Cast shadows usually learn on the average school age. But here can help. He will show you how to draw an umbrella step by step, and then properly put a hatch.

  • First, draw an oval. Here you should use a thin line after it is removed. This additional construction.
  • Then the oval is divided by straight line segments into eight parts. Direct overlap in the center of the oval.
  • Additional construction in the form of an oval is removed with an eraser.
  • Between the ends of the segments have arcs connecting them to each other.
  • Now comes the most difficult moment. Need a good shade umbrella to give the image depth.
  • Start work on a drawing from the top segments of the object. Use well-sharpened soft pencil. Touches not impose the tip and the plane of the stylus. This pencil should be kept under the smallest angle to the sheet.
  • Choose the first five parts, starting from the upper-right corner of the segment. Them shade in the inner corners to the middle. You need to keep the direction of the lines of the strokes. They should go from the corners to the midpoint of the segment.
  • the Third segment will be completely filled in. But the tone of the hatch should not be intensive.
  • In the fourth and fifth segments it is necessary to distinguish more clearly the bulge, the arc that depicts the inner wire strut. In these places, the shading more intense, almost black.
  • In the fifth segment darker shade already on the second beam angle. But a more intense coloration only in the lower part.
  • the Sixth segment zastrahovatsja only in the lower part.
  • In the seventh you need to paint a little less bottom and grab the part of the arc-strut on the left.
  • the Eighth segment has a dark part only at the top of the beam angle.
  • After applying the hatch further highlight the arc of the umbrella.
  • If desired, you can finish the girl, hiding under an umbrella, or two lovers tenderly embracing each other.

to Achieve success and to learn how to draw an umbrella, which put this goal, and serious about the class.