Like to work in bed? How does this affect productivity?

What comes to mind when someone says, "today I'll work from home"? Surely your imagination draws a man clothed in pajamas and Slippers. He sits in a chair near a coffee table, in one hand holding a Cup of tea and the other with a computer mouse. At the feet of the lucky one fell favorite pet on the floor next to the children play enthusiastically. Many of these things you can't afford in office.

Increased comfort zone

All these images are connected with high comfort zone, it is in the minds of an ordinary citizen working remotely associated with freedom. You are free to wear whatever you want, free to work when you want, you can spend more time with family, to communicate with animals and at any moment to go to the kitchen. There is no doubt that working from home allows you more freedom than working in an office space. But on the other hand, it quickly dampens and undermines productivity. To fulfill all the scheduled day, you will have to apply a high level of self-control and to set clear boundaries.

the Most comfortable place to work?

the Bed is the most comfortable and the most desirable place in the house. Immediately after waking up you catch yourself thinking that you have no desire to leave the warm rookery. According to one scientific study, some people do. As it turned out, 80 percent of young professionals working remotely, I prefer to do things without getting out of bed. Who can blame them? Despite the fact that theoretically, the bed is the best place in the house, experts suggest to avoid the temptation to work "on the spot". Try to understand why this place should not be related to working life.

Not in a position to work psychological Association

You must have a separate room in the house, which you can use as a full office. Talked about this the unforgettable Professor Preobrazhensky, who believed that to eat in the dining room and operate – in the operating room. With every area of the apartment you have to link certain associations. You'll sleep better in a comfortable environment and increase productivity where there would be minimized distractions. And this is true even for a small bachelor home. Even in the face of one room and kitchen to create a working area, a relaxation area, sleeping place and a place for a meal. It is necessary to improve labor organization, despite the fact that sleep, work and eat in the same place-in bed.

Electronic devices have no place in the bedroom

the staff of the school of medicine of Harvard University, support the idea that the bedroom should be free from electronic devices. Experts agree that working from bed is impractical, and suggest all remote workers to remove from this zone the TV, computer, tablets and laptops. You should also remove all working materials (drawings, document folder), so before bedtime you are not distracted by thoughts about work. In this way you will be able to defeat insomnia and other problems associated with sleep. The more items reminiscent of the work will be in the bedroom, the more confidence the brain that you are in the office.

Why the separation?

Work at home implies some difficulties in the demarcation of the areas, but more productive people try to save space boundary. When they Wake up, they dressed in comfortable clothes, eat Breakfast, take the necessary supplies and follow to the desktop. Thus they mimic the trip to the office. But those who used to work in my pajamas, not getting out of bed, play with his mind a cruel joke. Now the word "bed" gives rise to associations with the work, but it is unlikely they would like to feel like you always spend their time in the office. This is contrary to a balanced life: 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours work and 8 hours for rest. That's why every person, working remotely, must seek to separate areas of sleep, rest and work.

Improve sleep quality

If you work in bed, this means that near you at any time are the laptop and smartphone. Besides the fact that working supplies set up your brain on the working wave, the use of electronic devices in the evening (just before bedtime) associated with a disruption in circadian rhythms. The blue glow that emanates from the screen, gives your eyes that signals the onset of the morning, despite the fact that the window is pitch black. However, reduced levels of the hormone melatonin, and you are visited by sleeplessness. Trying to sleep while you leave futile attempts, open the email and start answering business correspondence. However, poor quality of sleep prevents your body from fully "recharge the batteries". It is not surprising that the next day will limp your performance.


Keep electronic devices away from the bed, delimit the bedroom and working area. It may take you a long way and demand a certain effort of will. But creating relative separation between home and work, simulating an office space, you will be more mobilized and effective.