How to draw a t-shirt: basic guidelines and steps

the Drawing can be considered an excellent hobby, which is ideal for creative types. There is a perception that to create beautiful images requires talent. However, with due diligence, the skill can acquire and improve absolutely everyone. After reading this review, you will understand how to draw a t-shirt using a pencil.

the Basics of creating images

According to experts, to learn how to work with a pencil is capable of any man. And that age is not a hindrance. How to start learning to draw? First, it is necessary to familiarize with the materials that will be involved. To understand how to draw a t-shirt, you will need to use white paper in any format, eraser and pencil. This is a minimal set of tools.

Start drawing you should with an ordinary sketch, using simple pencil. Avaricious lines will help to convey not only the basic shape but also a variety of posture, additional elements, etc. the Sketch will help to consolidate the thoughts, impressions on paper. Carrying it should not be distracted by unnecessary details, so as to remove them later will be easy.

where to begin?

to Understand how to draw a t-shirt easily. However, if you do not plan to dwell on this, you should know what is composition, perspective, to learn to operate with a volume to implement on a paper sheet dynamics. This knowledge is important regardless of the chosen style and materials used. Experts do not recommend starting to draw in several styles. In the beginning it is necessary to completely study any one direction, and only then start another. For drawing portraits, unlike clothing items, requires a basic knowledge of anatomy. But the ability to work with proportions will need regardless of what you want to portray on a piece of paper.

Gradual drawing

How to draw a t-shirt with a pencil? This question can arise not only at the young artist, but someone who just wants to create a garment, to show originality. In this article we will focus on how to depict a t-shirt not man, and in some separately taken region. In other words, our drawing will have a simple, will help you to learn the basic principles.
to understand how to draw a t-shirt, you will need to stock up on certain materials. First, you can't do without paper. You can paint a landscape on a white sheet, and on the notebook page. You will also need a pencil. In principle, this is enough to draw simple images, however it is better to take more and colored markers to make the picture more vivid.

action Plan

It looks like this:
  • you Need to draw two lines. They should be perpendicular to each other. To do the right thing, vertical limits find base. The second line should cross the first at the distance in two quarters from it. The photo above shows what should happen in the end.
  • After this you need to draw a rectangle. This figure is required to determine the future shape of the t-shirt. Plan to paint a shirt with a certain print? You should draw a circle in the center of the rectangle. It will help to determine the place where there will be a picture.
  • Draw a curved line in the place where you want the neckline and sleeves. These traits will determine their contours. After that, all previously drawn lines must connect to each other.

Additional items

has been described Above how to draw a shirt step by step. If everything was done correctly, you will be able to see on the sheet is almost ready garment. Left to complete a few finishing touches. To do this, paint the picture by selecting a specific color. In this case, both just and useful colored pencils or markers.
Drawn t-shirt, a photo of which you'll see in this review, you can not only paint, but to provide a certain print. It can be as an additional figure, and any phrase. The choice is up to the budding artist. Subsequently, the drawn t-shirt can draw a character, to portray any furniture, additional items. All this will help fill the hand, improve drawing skills and, most importantly, to get full image.


Experienced artists reveal a few secrets of the proper technique:
  • is not necessary to draw all by yourself or alone. This lesson can connect children, sisters or brothers. Joint session will bring a lot of positive emotions.
  • Using a volumetric technique of painting on the shirt you should not stop there. You will also need to paint a believable character.
  • Size of sleeves can be changed depending on your preferences and imagination.
  • If you started to copy t-shirt, add to the picture something of my own. Because of this you will not get an exact copy of someone else's drawing.
  • Lower edge of the t-shirt is best to make slightly curved. This technique will give a realistic image. You can also try to draw folds. The more details, the more «real» will the final figure.
do Not cease to learn the lessons, drawing techniques. And then in the future you will be able to boast more complex images created by your own hand.


Now you know how to draw a t-shirt with a pencil in stages. This is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. You just need to follow these steps, to show the accuracy and utmost care, so as not to spoil the picture.