How to draw the Joker of "suicide Squad": the basic guidelines and stages

the Joker know almost everyone who loves to watch films based on comics. This villain, known for his volatile nature, constantly terrorizing Gotham fighting against Batman himself. In addition, the character became one of heroes of a film called “suicide Squad". And not to mention that different films popular villain looks different. And after reading this review, you will be able to understand how to draw the Joker “suicide Squad”.

the Image of Kinologia

character with a volatile temper appeared in front of his fans not only in a new guise, but with numerous tattoos all over her body. It should highlight that and madness in the character of the villain was much more. This Joker viewers have not seen, and therefore the interest is high enough.

Pictures with his image spread across the Internet, which has led to an increase in wanting to portray him. Should be a phased plan of how to draw the Joker from “suicide Squad". Easy this lesson will not work, so you should be prepared to work hard.

That you need

How to draw the Joker from “suicide Squad" a pencil? This will need to stock up on some tools and materials. Naturally, you will need the pencil, which you will paint. It is also necessary to acquire a dense white sheet of paper, but you can also use an ordinary notebook. From the position of the important tools you should also consider an eraser and coloured pencils/felt pens.

step by Step

  • you start with a sketch. Draw on paper the head of Kinologia. It should not be forgotten that the new Joker in the performance of Jared Leto enough high forehead After that, sketch a diagram of the torso, as shown in the photo.

  • Using the original sketch must be given to the head of a real form. Attention is recommended to the chin, which must eventually be long and narrow. Also in this step draw the ears.
  • In this step, you should proceed to the nose, to depict wrinkles around it to create a more vivid image. This will become more visible and cheeks of Kinologia.
  • How to draw the Joker from “suicide Squad"? It should be understood that the eyes of the character should be wide open. Otherwise received as a result of prolonged work, the image will not be as insane as he appeared before the audience in the film. In this step it is also necessary to draw the wrinkles or creases on the forehead. Don't forget that the eye should be tattooed tear.
  • Drawing the mouth of a character, you should exercise extreme care. The lips should be dark and thick. Also in this step draw the image you need to purchase tongue and teeth.
  • This step implies that it is time to move to drawing the hands. This should be done carefully, so as to correct the error is unlikely to succeed. On top of the left hand should be tattooed.
  • Should start drawing the hair. They should be short, slicked back. With the help of the waves will be able to give shape to the hairstyle.

  • How to draw the Joker from “suicide Squad"? You should begin drawing the torso. Start with neck, then shoulders. After this step allowed to make a sketch of the upper torso, add lines, which later will draw the stomach.
  • Tattoo draw will be after will be erased the error and initial sketches. Special attention should be given to how it should look like a tattoo. Remember, all we need to do it neatly.
  • so in the end you can draw such additional element as the logo of the Joker from the movie “suicide Squad". To make this simpler, as it consists of only a head.

Patch should not be afraid

do Not think that the picture should be excellent. If you want to understand how to draw the Joker pencil step by step (“suicide Squad"), then get ready for many modifications. So as an artist you are a beginner, and fixes will be enough until you get the perfect picture.

From the above it follows another “Golden” rule: you must work, work and work again. Of course, news it is, but many people somehow think that without the talent to draw is impossible. Such thoughts are erroneous, to achieve success able, anyone who knows firsthand what is diligence and perseverance.


If all the above steps were performed correctly, with extreme care and caution, then you should get the image of the villain. Now you know how to draw the Joker from “suicide Squad" step by step. Being able to move the image of the famous villain on paper, you will be able to cope with the other characters of this movie. Then the picture will be more spectacular, spectacular.