Palette RAL. All the features

Any person who at least once in his life faced with a repair or design of any buildings, and heard about a color map called RAL. With this card you will be able to choose the color and pass it to the team work by one only of the code, and there will be no error. But let's take a closer look at what this palette is, and how it is so easy?


RAL is an international color standard, which was created and developed in the late 20-ies in Germany. His drawing was engaged in a special Department, developed the commercial standards. RAL was developed specifically for manufacturers of paints and varnishes. Initially it was only used in the industrial industry.

Today the standard is widespread among manufacturers of almost all industries. Was picked up and fixed standard for all colors, which consists of separate areas. Each color was assigned a unique numerical index. Since that time, the colour range is regularly updated with new shades in accordance with your current demand from customers and in accordance with requests and recommendations of the manufacturers.
today's day standard RAL includes more than 217 colors, including metallic shades 17, 2 iron and mother-of-pearl 15. And when this standard appeared, it consisted of just 40 shades of all colors that may be purchased.

All the digital symbols have a four digit number. RAL color palette with the name presented in the following range: over 30 colours yellow, 13 orange shades, 25 shades of red, purple 12 shades, 25 shades of blue, shades of green, 36, 48 shades of grey 20 shades of brown, 14 shades of light and dark colors.
every year for all producers in different fields (architecture, construction, industrial and urban design, interior design, etc.). available new guide, featuring all colors of the RAL palette.

Dial color separation. RAL colours

All the colors in the catalogs strictly in order of hue, brightness and saturation. On sednyashney day, there are three scales in the table RAL, with the separation of CMYK and RGB. When choosing colors online you need to keep in mind that the color printed in the future will differ significantly from that chosen for different color on computer monitors and mobile device displays. Therefore, when choosing the desired shade it is best to use a paper directory. The online catalog are all intended for reference only.

For the order you only need to call the desired code color. If you find it difficult to determine the hue, you can always consult with experts in this field.

Division of the indices by color

In a four-digit index on the classification of the first of the figures responsible for the foreground color. They are as follows:
  • 1 - yellow palette;
  • 2 - orange palette;
  • 3 - red palette;
  • 4 - purple palette;
  • 5 - blue palette;
  • 6 - green palette;
  • 7 - gray palette;
  • 8 - brown palette;
  • 9 - a palette of white and black colors.

Modifications RAL

the classic RAL modification, it is composed of over two hundred colors. It is widely distributed in different fields of human activity.
DESIGN - colour palette of RAL, which includes more than a thousand colors systematically arranged for professional color design. Inside color a number of shades ordered in accordance with the production values of hue, lightness and saturation.
DIGITAL is a digital version, which is based on software, which transferred the entire RAL palette. Most often used in working with different design software.