Pictures of amber. How to make your own hands?

At all times, people love unusual and beautiful things. Special attention to natural stones, shells, fossils and amber. In this article we will tell you what is amber and pictures of amber. In addition, you will learn how to draw a beautiful picture on its own.

What is amber

amber is a resin that has been petrified. This so-called hardened resin of coniferous trees that grows in the Paleogene and upper Cretaceous period. Currently it is used mainly as a material for making various jewelry. In addition, this material is used in perfumery, pharmaceutics, and sometimes in electronic, food and chemical industries. But now in great demand it pictures of amber for its beauty and durability.

In ancient times, first Aristotle, and after him Pliny the Elder with Theofrastos assumed that the appearance of amber has something to do with the resin of coniferous trees. Because of this, amber is sometimes called the "gifts of the sun" or "tears of the sea".

What is the amber used in the manufacture of paintings

As a rule, when making pictures of amber used raw pieces without holes. Amber is convenient because it is much easier to natural stone and easier to stick to the basis.
When creating a picture using all the varieties of amber. It is very different. The most expensive is considered transparent amber, as it is rarely found in nature, and forge it very often. Mostly amber honey yellow color. But there are samples and brown, and almost black in color. There are also samples of amber greenish color, but these stones in the pictures are not practically used because of its rarity and cost.

Pictures of amber with your hands

most Often, the paintings depict the fall of amber. This is due to the fact that the natural color of this fossilized resin is reminiscent of yellowed leaves of trees. In addition, amber is perfect for creating fairy-tale motifs.
you must First choose the basis. Best for pictures of amber to take a strong base, for example canvas on cardboard. You must then sketch directly on the canvas. The sketch can be done in pencil. Press hard on the pencil is not necessary, otherwise the picture may show through the paint. You then need to draw a picture with paint. It is best to take acrylic or tempera paint. Oil for such purposes is not suitable, because it dries very slowly and it interacts poorly with glue.

once you have painted a landscape in acrylic paints, it is necessary to give future picture dry. Wait about a day during this time, any acrylic paint will dry in time. Then mark areas where you want amber. As a rule, trees, shrubs, rocks near the river. Immediately collect the stones suitable color.
To the area where you want to paste amber, apply the glue. If you work fast, it is better to use quick-drying glue. And if you prefer to create pictures of amber slowly, then take the glue. You can use it in case of the error to modify the work.

How to care for amber picture

amber is a very fragile material. But in the picture it will last long. If you are in any way scratched the amber in the picture, it can be easily polished. Outdoors amber slowly but oxidized. This leads to a color change. So you can cover pictures of amber with a special varnish. It will help to preserve the natural color of the product.
You can create these things on my own or buy. When buying, pay attention to how glued in amber. Painting (Moscow, in this sense, offers a wide variety) can be purchased in a specialty store.