Turquoise color: as to what its features

Today, we will be interested in turquoise color. How to get it in different ways, which we will describe next. color spectrum it is located between green and blue.
It is presented in many variations. It is treated and soft, pastel colors and bright, intense colors. If you can not find ready to paint, will have to mix green and blue independently. As a result, we get the desired shade. If you try to briefly answer the question of what colors to mix to get turquoise color, it should be noted that there are cyan blue and less green. More detail will discuss in this article.

Selection of colors

so we need turquoise color. How to get him to practice, now will explain in detail. First we need to decide on the desired shade. The word "turquoise" is most often called a mixture of green and blue with a predominance of the first. However, we can achieve a variety of shades.
Easy to add a drop of light gray or white paint. As a result, we get a more delicate shade. You can also mix rich blue, green and yellow. As a result, we get a bright turquoise. Remains to choose between bright or soft shades.


so, earlier we have already managed to produce a turquoise color. How to get it other ways, will be discussed further. We have found that we need blue and green paint. Their base can be any water, oil, acrylic.
However, remember that the same type of paint is better mixed. Buy all the best in one of the specialty shops for artists. Thus it is necessary to examine the whole assortment. You may be able to find the desired shade in the finished look.


How to get a turquoise color when mixing paints, we already know: we need yellow, green and blue shades. However, it is better to take them on a small drop, to achieve maximum accuracy in creating the required paint. If you are an aspiring artist, you better give preference to watercolors. With this type of paint is easy to apply. In addition, they are perfectly mixed. Watercolor, usually sold in small tubes. To obtain pale shades suitable yellow paint.

Water and space

If you are wondering how to get a turquoise color when mixed, so it was more muted mix of green and blue with white. Suppose the picture will be tropical beach, then use warm cream as the basis for transferring to paper the image of sea water.
More clean white suit for the figure of the distant cool turquoise of the planet. Use shades of blue, which is close to the green spectrum. You can try ultramarine, Prussian blue, cobalt, cyan, or any other similar option. The main thing that he was closer to green than to purple.
Any pigment contains a small quantity of other colors. Thus, paint random shade will be good mixed with another color. In practice, it is very convenient.

Saturated color

so, to solve the question of how to get a turquoise color when mixing colors, use blue and green shades. However, you can achieve even better results. For this, we use a blue paint containing green pigments. Impossible to find “net” basis.
In particular, it concerns blue. In theory it should give a nice green with yellow and red – a great purple. In practice, these faces are blurred. The fact that blue always approaching to red or green because of nonideal chemical purity of each pigment.
To get very saturated colors take the necessary ingredients. We are talking about the now familiar blue and green hues.
  • Apply it on the edge of the palette a small amount of cyan paint. In this case it should be blue-green.
  • Go to the next step. Next put a little green paint. If not, you can get this color on their own. For this mix equal amounts of yellow and blue. The palette will suit any clean dry surface. However, the subject that is used in a similar way, for anything else to apply already will be.
  • Mix of blue and green in the ratio 2:1. The first pigment to be more. You can also experiment with the proportions, however, as the sample best to use the ratio. A slightly larger amount of green paint will give a rich shade of aquamarine. If you reduce the green content, get slim turquoise. He approached blue.
so we figured out which elements is turquoise color. How to obtain it, described in detail above.