12 errors during the trip which will cost too expensive

If you are traveling is not the first time, most likely, you already have your own saving rules in these trips. But if the first thing you pay attention at the airport — this exchanger or a taxi, you should read the list of the worst mistakes made by people while traveling. It will help you save money which you can then spend on your next amazing journey. These mistakes can cost you too much!

You travel day

Night — it's time for sleep. But what if you can sleep and save money on your hotel? If you buy a ticket for a night train or bus that takes you to where you need it, you will be able to save a lot.

You forget about the rule of six blocks

Food is usually twice as expensive and as much less tasty, if you are at a distance of less than six blocks from major attractions. If you want to enjoy more authentic dishes in two times cheaper, then you should move away from the main tourist attractions. Also pay attention to local outdoor markets where you can buy the freshest seasonal ingredients and local street food.

You ignore shipment options

most Likely, you've heard of services that allow you to save on stay. For example, Couchsurfing allows you to stay at home with locals who are willing to accept absolutely for free. But there are also similar services such as BlaBlaCar, which helps you find local residents or travelers driving in the same direction as you, and can drop you much cheaper than if you went by bus or train.

You book in advance

Booking in advance can work for you if you have a clear timetable which you stick to. Otherwise, you should avoid booking in advance whenever possible. This will allow you to stay in a place that you like more, longer, while receiving a discount from the hotel. And if you want to leave this place as soon as possible, you will not have to pay extra for the exchange of tickets.

You are changing money

Yes, it is true. Your card will be the best exchange rates, so you do not need to take a lot of cash. Then you don't have to pay an additional fee to the exchanger. Just don't forget to verify that with your card you can withdraw money at any ATM.

You allow yourself to Rob

There is nothing worse than being in another country, a thousand miles from home, without documents, money and phone. If you don't want to attract the attention of pickpockets, don't wear expensive clothes and do not bring designer bags. Spread your money in different bags, part leave in the safe in your hotel, buy a belt for money and always watch your belongings.

You don't know anything about tip

In some countries it is expected that you will pay from 15 to 20 percent of order amount in addition in the form of a tip. But in many European countries the tip is already included in the bill. Examine this issue in advance, and you can save money and avoid awkward situations.

You refuse insurance

a Simple accident does not constitute any particular problem, if you are in their home country, but may cost you a fortune abroad. People always think that with them nothing will happen, but sometimes something happens. Just spend a little more money before you travel to avoid losing thousands of dollars in the process. Even if you always buy insurance but never use, will buy it again. It's worth it.

You did not specify the details of your Bank in advance

first and foremost you need to decide if you want to use your current card, and whether it is suitable for international use. You can also order a special card for travelers. If you decide to use their primary card, be sure to notify your Bank about your plans for the trip. Otherwise, the Bank may freeze your card for suspected unauthorised spending.

do You trust the tourist brochures

From the moment you buckle up the seat belts on the bus or plane, you will be surrounded by magazines with the best directions and brochures with the obligatory places to visit, which should give you information on the most interesting points. However, in reality, it's just tons of ads, and the restaurants and hotels that will pay for the advertising more, get better reviews and a higher rating. Really cheap and authentic places will never be mentioned there.

You do not check all the transport options

renting a car can be quite expensive. If you're certainly not going to ride across the country, you should think about how to use public transportation or call a taxi. Often hotels can offer you free or cheap Shuttle service to and from the airport, and in many European cities there are comfortable Express train that takes you directly to the city centre much faster than the car.

You keep all your money in one place

Always good to have a little bit of cash, but you should ensure that you had additional funds in several safe places. Most likely, your secret pocket is not a safe enough place. You can drill a hole in the soap and hide the money inside or put them under the insole in your shoes. You can even hide money inside your brush.