Detail about how to draw a Slenderman

Today we'll show you how to draw a Slenderman pencils. This character was created through the imagination of visitors of one Internet forum, which is devoted to ghosts, monsters and mystical characters. The story of this character is a classic urban myth, scary urban myth. The name of the hero in English can be translated as "thin man». The character is lanky and disproportionate. His limbs unnaturally long and plastic. The history of its origin is shrouded in mystery. According to some information he is wearing a black classic suit. His skin is pale and has a grey tint. While he has no face.


in order to solve the question of how to draw Slender man step by step, first draw man, which consists of circles and sticks. He is drawn to indicate the proportion of your character, and ask his position on a sheet of paper. This step is extremely important. The specificity of our hero is that this character just represents an object consisting of sticks and circles, which dressed in a strange costume.
Slender man is incredibly disproportionate. His legs are longer than torso twice. This must display in the outline. Hands at the shoulders create straight angles, they are sharp elbows. We should not forget about another important features. The hands of our character fold into one another. In this and the next few steps we need to throw a barely noticeable, very light line, almost no pressure on the pencil, because in the future we will need to erase it without any additional difficulties.

Head and shoulders

Proceed to the next stage of solving the question of how to draw a Slenderman. The depicted two lines. With their help, we connect the head and shoulders. The line should resemble the sides of a triangle. Smooth strokes intended hands. They should resemble elongated cylinders.


Proceed to the next stage of solving the question of how to draw a Slenderman. Denotes a collar in the form of an elongated parabola. Draw hands. Now depicted the contours of the legs and torso, in particular its lower part. When deciding how to draw Slenderman, an incredibly important sequence of actions. So we can start to draw our character from top to bottom. But first you must erase the extra lines left over from previous stages. First, as depicted by the shirt collar. Then a tie. All this can be conveyed through two triangles and a rhombus. Tie this extends downwards. Then using the triangles to put on paper the lapels of his jacket. They should be from each side. On the ground, which are connected to the arms and torso, depicted small folds. In the center of the jacket have a couple of buttons.

Fingers and finishing touches

Proceed to the next stage of solving the question of how to draw Slenderman, draw hands. Attach required form, hiding them with sleeves of slightly crumpled tissue. Referred folds. It is important to note that the hands are slim, the jacket fits them. In other words, the fabric to subside should not and can not be spacious. With your fingers, the situation is very interesting. On the one hand they are not visible at all. They are located behind the elbow. On the other hand fingers visible. They look like long appendages. Now give the final shape of the lower torso. Erase the extra lines left over from previous stages. Using two triangles to create the ends of the jacket, slightly drooping. Let's not forget about the button. You should also remember about a few creases and the line of fasteners. Complete the drawing by working with the feet. Pleats are not required here, except those that formed in the knees.