Umbra: natural color and its shades

umber is a color that people get from nature itself. Warm the earth, trees, spice, clearings swamps, warm animal fur - this Association calls this warm color and that they often used. But the main direction of its application – applying a deep and soft shadows when rendering the body.


raw umber - color, which refers to the varieties of ochre, but it includes manganese. This feature leads to the existence of a greenish hue.
The natural way, this paint is resistant and quickly dries. A thin layer of natural umber is sometimes used for the other paint, applied on top of it, also dries faster.

Burnt umber

the natural shade get several derivatives. For example, by calcining at temperature of 400-600 °C, natural umber acquires a red-copper and brown shades. So it turns out burnt umber, the color of which is used to render brick buildings, shadows on the skin of the drapery.

Green shades of umber

When you add certain components to get the natural greenish hues. Such additives are: spinel green, chromoxide green, and the hydrates of iron and manganese oxides, aluminosilicates. Light green and dark green umber has the same colorfastness, and ability to quickly dry up, and natural, because in these colors, too, contains manganese. However, be aware that when you connect with oil shade original paint may slightly darken.

in painting

the artists use the Umbra for applying shadows when drawing the skin, replacing the previously used earthen green. Umber with a greenish tint highly valued by painters. For example, Rembrandt and Rubens believed that umber colour, which is indispensable for sketches.
But if the paint is mixed with white, to green and silver-grey. Vermeer mixed with white umber for preliminary sketches. Discovered this paint in his works and in primer. For image expressive shadows on the whitewashed walls Vermeer used umber mixed with black paint and whitewash. Other artists of the time, too widely used this combination.

to get a brown shade on the light tone ground applied to a transparent or translucent layer Umbra. The color is soft, but not bright.

How to paint shades of umber?

Usually in a set of colors, this shade is pure and it is used to produce other colors, and not Vice versa. But if he is not included in the kit or paint over, you may need to get it mixing.
Natural umber - the color that is produced from herbaceous green paint and cadmium red light, with the addition of ultramarine and white. Shade has depth and softness.
Mixing dark red and grass green, you can achieve beautiful shade of burnt umber. To color mixture more visible, add a bit of white.
Green Umbra get, adding to the natural color cold or warm shades of green, depending on the desired result.