Detail about how to draw ninjago

Today we'll show you how to draw ninjago pencil step by step. We are talking about the characters in the series designer, “LEGO”. It is dedicated to the football team. Their head is Sensei Wu - the master of martial arts, a good man and a wise man.


Consider the solution to the question of how to draw ninjago, for example, a character named Cole. Let's start with the fact that we are talking about the figure from the designer, and the outline should be relevant: to define the shape of the head – oval, for the body – the quadrilateral. Further, the depicted mask. She needs to hide the nose and mouth of a ninja. Leave the hair, the menacing eyes and kept eyebrows. Based on our quadrangle depicted the front portion of the body. Next, draw the left arm. In the next step of the depicted side and the lower body of the character. Draw legs. The depicted right hand and put into her arms, which in this case is a chain with at the end of the threat of the puck. The quality of the clothes depicted a kimono. The picture is almost ready. Remove unnecessary line sketch and start coloring.


Now consider how to draw ninjago, the example of the Kai. This character is armed with a katana and is in a fighting pose. Keep this in mind when creating the sketch. Kai only stare. Depicted his menacing eyes and eyebrows. Worn on the character's distinctive headgear. One hand protrudes in a way that allows strong to hold the sword. Dorisovyvaet character body. Next, go to image legs. Added his second arm. Equip your melee weapons. Next, go to the image details of the fire ninja clothes. On stage the final stage in solving the question of how to draw ninjago. It is to remove the extra lines of the sketch. We can only give the color of fire ninjas – in this case, the basic elements should be red. Do yellow face, and arms – gold.

Other characters

Now consider how to draw ninjago, for example, Sensei Wu. Imaging circle and behind him a quadrilateral. So in this case it will be a sketch. Put on his traditional Sensei hat. Further depicted beard. It should appear before other parts of the body. Added the missing part of the head, and then the person represented. Draw first hand. The depicted body. Next is second hand. Move on to creating the legs. Add small details to the hat and costume of Sensei. Remove unnecessary lines of the sketch. Go to paint. This character wears a grey-white kimono, this allows us to colour the clothes a simple pencil. Hat should be brownish-Golden, the body – yellow.
On the familiar principles can be drawn and NIJ. The outline in this case includes a circle and a quadrangle behind him. The girl start drawing with the hair. Proceed to the face of the heroine, her neck and chin. Add part of the body. The depicted hand. Put in her arms. Add the second arm. Put her cold arms. Now you know how to draw ninjago step by step.