Lady dance: style features

“Lady-dance” is a dance that combines different directions. In particular, include elements of waacking, jazz and strip of plastics. This technique can help the girl to open the verge of emotion, to emphasize the grace and beauty of the body.

the Effect

Above we have already determined that this lady dance. Training this area allows you to make your body more harmoniously developed and flexible, and your posture beautiful. If we talk about the physical aspect, these studies provide optimal load, pump up the muscles of the legs, arms, hips and body. Workout keep in shape body and have a strengthening effect on the cardiovascular system. Technique “lady-dance” has special characteristics. It is based on the movements that allow to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its flaws. The same techniques are effective even for men, not only for girls.

early successes

Described technique will make the body flexible and plastic, it eliminates unnecessary weight and strengthen the muscles. First of all the program “lady-dance” includes stretching, warming up, and learning special moves. In this approach, the first tangible results can be achieved in a month. This approach allows to increase femininity and self-esteem. If you dedicate to this program six months, the results are even more impressive. In particular, you will learn how to improvise, your body will become harder. You will not leave feeling of cheerfulness. For a good workout you will need: leggings, top, socks or special shoes, good mood.

Why you should pay attention to this technique

“lady-dance” has beneficial effects on the body. It strengthens muscles throughout the body. The load is distributed evenly and makes correct and active functioning of the cardiovascular system. Disappear problems associated with the joints and spine. In addition, decrease fatigue, increase activity, strengthen the immune system. One of the strengths of this area is psychological emancipation. After just a few sessions energy and positive emotions you will feel. There is a grace and flexibility. You will feel more feminine. This dance requires considerable effort and physical activity. Active movement and stretching exercises are incredibly energy intensive. For this reason, in the regular classroom figure even more slender shape and becomes a graceful.
When training load is addressed to the most important parts of the body, particularly the legs, abs, chest and arms. After some time, the body acquires a special smoothness. It should be noted that we are talking about dance, in which there is flirtation, but it does not cross the edge of decency. Almost every woman dreams to try an unusual way. For various reasons it's usually difficult to put into practice. Trained the technique described, you will find yourself in a mini-play in which the main role is allotted to you. You will fill confidence in the beauty, and the gait appears a special charm. Can change for the better even gestures, movement, gaze and voice. You will learn to be even more elegant in everyday life.


Lady-dance - a modern dance direction, which originated about a century ago. It is often used in places of entertainment and clubs. This field combines jazz, modern and classical choreography of plastic and stretching. The origins of this phenomenon back to ancient times. They are associated with funeral rites. On the territory of the Ancient East to strengthen women's health was carried out special circular movement of the hips.