Artists Peru: the most famous master

In this article will be described the most famous artists of Peru. These include Alberto Vargas, Diego de Ocaña, Marcos Zapata, Pancho Fierro and many others.

Pablo Cesar Amaringo

If you are interested in the artists of Peru, pay attention to the work of Pablo Amaringo. In his works he shares a very unusual experience. This man was born in the small village of Puerto Libertad. His parents had 13 children, of whom our hero was seventh. His family was engaged in farming. Parents of the future artist learned the basics of the Spanish language.

Joaquin Alberto Vargas

Speaking on the topic "Artists of Peru", mention should be made of Joaquin Alberto Vargas and Chavez - he was born in this country, although it belongs to the American masters. Works worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and actively sold to date. The master went to the United States when he was twenty years old. Before the First world war he studied art in Geneva and Zurich.

Other wizards

If you are interested in earlier artists Peru, pay attention to the work of Diego Quispe Tito. This man was one of the leading masters of the school of Cusco. He was descended from a noble family. The light appeared to Cusco. Throughout his life he worked in San sebastián. Up to the present time preserved in the artist's house, the door of which is decorated with the emblem. "Immaculate conception" - first signed painting of the master, which is dated 1627. This work is plated in accordance with the traditions of the Cusco school.
Our next hero Diego de Mora - the artist from Peru, who was also a historian, researcher and traveler. He became a monk of the order of St Jeronimo in the monastery of the virgin of Guadalupe. Left a number of drawings and portraits of South American Indians.
Basilio Pacheco de Santa Cruz, Punakallio - Peruvian artist who is a representative of the people and comes from the Quechua of Cusco. This wizard is also known under the name of Panakareao. His life passed during the colonial period of the XVII century in the Viceroyalty of Peru. The Bishop named Manuel de Mollinedo became the patron Saint of the wizard.
Our next hero, Marcos Zapata - the Peruvian artist. It is derived from the Quechua people. The light appeared to Cusco. It is also called the Marcos Zapaca Inca.
If you are interested in modern artists of Peru, notice Jorge Eduardo Eielson. He not only created pictures, but was also a poet.
Finally, we need to talk about the artist, whose name is Francisco "Pancho" Fierro Palace. This wizard had a mixed Afro-Peruvian and native American origin. He comes from a poor family of mulattoes. The objects and people depicted on the paper already in early childhood. Mainly painted with watercolours. Earning a living creating commercial posters, playbills and paintings. In addition, wrote a lot of paintings. The main topics were nature, religion, Peruvian way of life. Many of his paintings reflect scenes from the life of Lima, as well as portraits of different people. Many of his paintings are imbued with sympathy for the depicted people. There are also samples of caricature and satire.