Detail about how to draw a phone

Today we will learn how to draw a phone step by step. The following instructions for its realization does not require additional skills. Based on simple steps you can explain child how to draw phone, or you can create a similar illustration of his own. Before you begin to practice, you should be prepared.


To address the question of how to draw a telephone, we need paper. Better to give preference to medium-grained her mind. Much more pleasant to create a picture on such a canvas. Also we can not do without a well-sharpened pencils. It is better to use both tools with different degrees of hardness. We should not forget about the eraser. Also we need a wand that could RUB the hatch. For the same purpose, suitable and conventional paper twisted into a cone. It can easily grind a hatching style, thus creating a uniform color. In addition, to obtain a decent result, we need good mood and a little patience.
Household items to portray fairly easy because they are always at hand. At any time you can consider every detail of the phone. Much easier to draw from life. Simple images should be created, setting the first footprints. To create the outline should be very thin strokes. If they are thick, subsequently, they will be hard to erase.
let's Start the first stage of creating markup on the paper. This will allow to place the graphic exactly in the center.


Go directly to the question of how to draw a phone. The first depicted a simple rectangular shape. Next, scrugli its edge.

Add the following on the basis of a few buttons. Drawing on the keys are corresponding inscriptions.

Everything is ready. This was the easiest option of images of this device.
Now consider the example of transferring on paper not a mobile and stationary push-button phone. Start with the image of the rectangle. Inside it have the little ovals, they are destined to become buttons. In the next step, as depicted by the contours of the tube. Dorisovyvaet wire. Give the phone to a final form. The depicted panel. Draw small parts.

At the final stage, creating shadows to give the image more realism.

you can Also try to recreate on paper disc phone however, it requires more ingenuity, because this device has a fairly complex form.


we will Now see how to draw a phone-iPhone. On a prepared sheet of paper, spend a vertical line. Further, based on her portrayed. Draw a display of the device. In the next step the bottom and top spend 2 straight. At the bottom of the phone depicted on the round button. Inside it, add a small oval. On top of the phone put the receiver.

That's all - the picture is ready. If desired it can be painted, although greater plausibility it is better not to use bright colors.
Now you know how to draw phones of two types.