Details of how to draw "LEGO Ninja Go"

Today we look at how to draw "LEGO Ninja Go” with a pencil in stages. We are talking about series characters, originally appeared in the form of figures of the famous designer.

Enemy of dendroidal

Consider the question of how to draw a “LEGO Ninja Go” by the example of P. I. X. A. L. we are Talking about quite a colourful character. Gradually draw the circle, then the quadrilateral.

This is a traditional sketch for the famous figures of “LEGO”. The depicted body part of the character. Moving on to coloring. Left delete extra lines.

Evil hero

Now consider how to draw "LEGO Ninja Go” by the example of Lloyd Garmadon. Start with a sketch: draw a circle head and a traditional body. Draw the terrible sight of Lloyd. Adding a scarf. He needs to close nose, mouth and chin. Further, as depicted by a thick head of hair. Add the shoulders and body. Draw both hands. Edged weapon placed in the hand of the character. Depicted both legs. The second hand put one blade.

Draw the features of the costume of the character. Give a final look to his mask. Exclude unnecessary elements of the original sketch. Coloring Lloyd.

Other characters

Begin to tackle the question of how to draw "LEGO Ninja Go” by the example of Zane. Start with a traditional sketch. Draw a circle and an uneven rectangle that will serve as a template for the future of the body of the character. Being the head of the ninja. The basis for it will serve as harvested earlier round. First, as depicted by the slit in the mask. Next, you should show the view of the hero. Then draw a mask. Go to image parts of the body based on the existing templates. Then add both hands of the hero. Drawing must be three-dimensional. The left line of our sketch must form the contour of the back Zane. Further, as depicted by his feet. Arming of the hero. Paint his suit. Eliminate excess lines of the sketch. Go to the painting of the picture. Clothing character white-grey. She's tied with brown rope. His face was yellow. He also has the triangle “gold” shurikens.

Now, let's consider how to draw "LEGO Ninja Go”, portraying a character named Jay. Start with a sketch. It is a circle that must be placed on an angular stand. Further depicted the head of Jay. It should be based on the contours of the previously prepared circle. Then draw a mask. She covers the lower part of the face. Draws a glance, and then a luxurious head of hair. In the foreground is depicted with one hand. Next, draw the body. In the next step of the depicted second hand. Then create the shape of the feet. Draw weapons character. Think through the details of the costume of our hero. Erase the lines of the sketch. To paint a character better suited to cool colors. Clothes do blue. Hair needs to be brown. The weapon will do yellow gold.
Based on a similar algorithm can be represented Sensei Garmadon. Its distinguishing feature-ninja-stick. Start with a traditional sketch-circle and rectangular shapes of the body.