Detail about how to draw a cupcake

Today we will learn how to draw a cupcake with a pencil. In this article we present some variants of this baking: icing, decorated with icing, with smiles. All in good time.


Proceed to the first example. To begin with, how to draw a cupcake with frosting. The depicted trapezoid. It will serve as the basis for the cake. Next, make an outline using light pencil lines. Depicted at the top of the cupcake outline icing. Proceed to the next step in addressing the question of how to draw a cupcake, and the actual line drawn with a marker. The depicted curve is a continuous line. It should be a wrapper of the cupcake. Add slanted lines. Thus we emphasize the folds are formed on the wrapper of our cupcake. Define the shape of the frosting, which is located at the top of our baking. Add soft lines. Thus, we will be able to give the amount of glaze. Go to the coloring picture.

Decorated with icing

another example of how to draw a cupcake. This time it will be decorated with icing. Being the basis of the cupcake. For the top loop, add an oval shape. Depicted the actual line forming the basis of the cupcake. Draw the top outline of our baking. Create based on the sketch cupcake wrappers. Add a cherry on top. The drawing is ready, you can start coloring.

With a smile

Now consider how to draw a cupcake with smiles. Such a fun sweetness to the final stage are equipped with eyes, a grin and a cherry cap. First draw already familiar trapezoid. It acts as the base of the cupcake. This geometric shape should be missing from the top. Depicted in the trapezoid of four to five lines. They should be slightly tilted to either side. If the selected option that has 5 lines do a straight average. The depicted horizontal oval. It should cover broad aspects of our inverted trapezoid. The oval should be a little more specified geometric shapes. On top of our cupcake imaging circle. It needs to be fifteen times less oval. The depicted loop slightly above the circle. At the end combine the received geometric shapes. Depicted in an oval wavy line. Hold it down by three quarters. The wavy line must touch both sides of our oval.
Go to the next step in addressing the question of how to draw a cupcake step by step. The depicted two small, vertical oval. They should be parallel to one another. Put them inside the large oval. Added eyes. Put a finger on a cupcake. It needs to be between the eyes. Lowered it down. It should rest against the line. This place represented the club. It can be repainted. Add a smile. You can go to the coloring of the cupcake. Wrap our cakes are easy to decorate with stripes, polka dots or other elements. The cupcake, like its packaging, may have different sizes and colors. This applies to the glaze. In this figure the main thing - do not be afraid of experiments.